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Synonyms for body

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Synonyms for body

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

a group of people organized for a particular purpose

the main part


a separate and distinct portion of matter

a measurable whole

body forth: to represent (an abstraction, for example) in or as if in bodily form

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Synonyms for body

a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person

an individual 3-dimensional object that has mass and that is distinguishable from other objects

a collection of particulars considered as a system

Related Words

the central message of a communication

the main mass of a thing

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a resonating chamber in a musical instrument (as the body of a violin)

the external structure of a vehicle

invest with or as with a body


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Decreased body height is revealed in 10.1% (106/1042) of patients.
It was further noted from the comparative results that statistically the differences between body height as affected by management systems was significant (Pless than 0.05).
The highest body height achieved adolescents with level V4 (very good) and highest body weight with level V4 and V2 (very good and sufficient).
There was a non-significant difference in SCG and NCG body height, length and chest girth with respect to different months (Pgreater than 0.05) (Tables 6, 7).
The correlation of facial growth with body height and skeletal maturation at adolescence.
This brought a significant improvement in quality of life compared to previous (and unfortunately future) generations, which, amongst other things, could have produced an increase in body height.
Results of step-wise multiple regression analysis for anthropometric variables (age, body height, weight, BMI, SM, % Fat), best predict bone mineral density (BMD) in elderly women are shown in Table 3.
The following anthropometric characteristics such as single skin-fold thickness [18-25] , the sum of skin-fold thicknesses [18-54], the circumferences of limbs [21-27,29,31-33,35,37-39,50-52,55-61], the length of limbs [29-33, 36,46,48,50,54,59,61-63], body mass [19-23,26,29,31-33,36-39,42,45, 48,50-54,57,59-61,64-71], body height [22,23,25-27,29-33,36,46-51,56, 59-63,67,71-74], body mass index [19-23,25-27, 29,31-33,36,37,39,44, 46,50-57,59-62,65,66,71,75], and percent body fat [9,19-27,29,31-34, 36-39,40,44-48,50-54,56,58-61,65,66,76-81] were considered.
Over the 100-year period, body height and body weight of both sexes in Japanese children increased across years.
"We analyzed whether nasal and throat colonization with potentially pathogenic bacteria is related to body height and BMI in both sexes."
The following morphometric measurements were evaluated (Figure 1): standard length (SL), measured between the front head extremity and the insertion of the tail fin; head length (HL), measured between the upper and lower edges of the head; body height (BH), measured in front of the first ray of the dorsal fin; and body width (BW), measured at the first ray of the dorsal fin.
Not all motor abilities in boys were found to be positively correlated with body height and mass (Table 2).
The Raindance Lift Shower Panel is adjustable to a height of 20 cm so the RainAir Shower Rain Jet and the RainFlow Gush Spray perfectly match body height, providing more convenience and comfort for the users both big and small; young and old alike.
We measured body height and weight, waist and hip circumferences, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin, glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), lipid profile, complete blood count, high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP), total testosterone, and SHBG.