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The prospective study was done using 130 samples of body fluids received at a diagnostic centre over an extended period from January 2011 to June 2012 with study samples which included paediatric and adult population.
They are based on the premise that all blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions (except sweat), nonintact skin, and mucous membranes might contain transmissible infectious agents and include 1) hand hygiene, 2) use of personal protective equipment (PPE), 3) respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, 4) safe injection practices, and 5) safe handling of potentially contaminated equipment or surfaces in the patient environment (6).
He said: "The discovery that equipment used for patients was contaminated with blood and other body fluids is particularly shocking.
Body fluids are considered diagnostic rather than screening-type specimens in cytology.
To interpret the rule otherwise is to imply that the healthcare worker needs to be protected from pathogens found in liquids, such as blood, ascites and saline irrigation, but need not be protected from pathogens found in body fluid from the same individual in the form of vapor instead of liquid.
The order has an annual value of NOK45m and covers the manufacture of advanced medical instruments for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids.
By using the application, clinical laboratories are able to analyse spinal fluid, synovial fluid and pleural fluid among other body fluids.
The body fluids tested can be divided into 2 different types.
Graff's textbook of routine urinalysis and body fluids, 2d ed.
Discuss the necessity of performing the cell counts and slide preparation on body fluids as soon as possible after collection.
These disease causing elements can be transmitted by external environmental moistures and internal body fluids, since it is the open atmosphere moisture and body fluids that transport the infecting agent.
Usable for implants of 30 days or less, it is biocompatible, resistant to body fluids, and sterilizable with radiation, ethylene oxide, or dry heat.
von Hagens developed his "plastination" process, which removes body fluids and fats from donated corpses and replaces them with reactive fluid plastics that halt the corruption of human flesh and tissue.
Body fluids and brain material of the bird entered his eyes, but not his mouth; he had no known open lesions on the exposed area.