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Modern urine analyzers have significantly improved the efficiencies and productivity in today's clinical laboratory by drastically reducing the labor burden associated with manual urinalysis and adding the benefit that the same technology used for automated urine microscopy can be used for body fluid analysis.
The reproduction-related body fluids breast milk, seminal fluid, and amniotic fluid all clustered together with bronchial lavage, peritoneal fluid, saliva, and tears.
Every body fluid should be examined--cell count performed and slide for evaluation of cell morphology prepared--immediately after collection since cells, especially neutrophils, begin disintegrating within 30 minutes.
Intracellular nuclease activity in both apoptotic and necrotic cells in a particular organ affect the degree of DNA degradation found in body fluids.
All body fluids (except sweat) should be considered potentials for infection
Developing standard operating procedures (SOP's) for work tasks which might cause exposure to body fluids may be considered.
a privately held molecular diagnostics company focused on oncology, announced that results of a study demonstrating the capability of its Pathwork([R]) Tissue of Origin Test to be performed on a variety of body fluid specimens were published online in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Cytopathology.
But still, the World Health Organization has asked not to allow anyone with an illness consistent with the virus to travel normally and that all travelers should routinely wash their hands and avoid direct contact with body fluids of infected individuals.
An absorbent sanitary article for absorbing body fluids which comprises a fibrous matrix has been patented.
It seems that some physicians like to submit fluid specimens in blood culture bottles, but I was told that those bottles were not validated for blood, not other body fluids.
Cell counts on body fluids are usually performed on the hemacytometer.
This book describes proteomics applications designed to analyze various human body fluids, including plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural effusion, and bile.
The body fluid specific mode is the first of its kind in the industry with reportable body fluid differential parameters for all common body fluids (CSF, Serous and Synovial).
Many strategies to reduce this percentage include the analysis of body fluids for abused drugs.
A whiff of urine, sweat, or other body fluids may provide some mammals with a direct view into each other's immune systems, giving them information that could prevent inbreeding, a new study suggests.