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The print ad of today is lucky to have even a headline, let alone a hundred words of body copy. Just pick up any magazine lying around you and take a look.
"No body copy, just the key message and name," says Rod Randel, McCormick Account Supervisor.
The ASA said: "We concluded that the body copy of the ad misleadingly implied that the whole E-Class Saloon range had emissions of 139g/km or similar and the claim was likely to mislead.
It is also used as body copy in the Skill and ID sections.
Body copy: a block of persuasive writing on the advert that helps to sell the product.
Specsavers believed the headline was clear and, in the event that it was not, was further qualified in the body copy by the text "Specsavers employs more qualified optometrists than any other optician in the UK...".
Nameplates, headlines, and subheads should form a strong visual contrast with the body copy they introduce.
Hyperlinks in subject lines and excessive use of hyperlinks in body copy
To increase rankings through SEO, you need to integrate targeted keywords into your Web site or press release's title tag, meta description and prime locations in body copy. To secure prominent placement though PPC advertising, you pay more based on the popularity of both your key phrases and the search engine you're looking to be featured on.
We changed the body copy from a sans serif to a serif face; my longtime friend and sometimes critic Don Ranley will concur that studies have shown that the shapes of serif type are more nuanced and thus easier and quicker for the eye to recognize.
If you don't need to share this kind of information, this pen probably isn't what you're looking for--although it will leave you eagerly anticipating upcoming versions that might translate the full body copy to text.
The Recycling Today format that debuts in the March 2003 issue offers readers clearly defined text areas, a crisp body copy font, upgraded chart formats in the commodity departments and a revised color palette.
It provides comprehensive e-mail content-filtering that checks subject line, body copy and attachments inclusive of wireless applications, securiQ is a modular, server-based application that addresses the full continuum of e-mail security concerns related to legal liability, information security and business uptime.
Using candid, ivory-washed black-and-white photographs, the ads present people in joyous situations -- a beaming wedding party, a child on Christmas morning -- while the body copy relays the sentiments associated with the image shown.
Pay attention to elements such as the headline, subhead, body copy, demographic information, photos, and artwork.