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an opaque watercolor prepared with gum

a watercolor executed with opaque watercolors mixed with gum

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Three new color schemes have been developed for the commemorative model, and they can be combined with any of the body colors.
migratoria, hatchling body color shows some variation, depending on the parental phase or crowding conditions (Hunter-Jones 1958), but green-colored hatchlings are not known.
- Three colors are available: Aluminum Metallic (exclusive color for special edition), Brilliant Black and Chrystal White Pearl Mica (special body color).
The F2 generation from the F1 sibmate had four phenotypes: Wild-type eyes, wild-type body color 569 Wild-type eyes, ebony body color 80 Sepia eyes, wild-type body color 63 Sepia eyes, and ebony body color 127
Soliant has programs under way for decoration of interior bezels and instrument-panel trim rings in metallic effects that tie the exterior body color to the interior.
Four colors are available: Radiant Ebony Mica (exclusive color), Brilliant Black, Aluminium Metallic and Chrystal White Pearl Mica (special body color).
Commemorative model celebrates two-million-unit production milestone with exclusive exterior body color and seats
In contrast, the Marauder gets unique headlamps with smoked lenses and blacked-out trim, a body color (gloss black) grille with chrome Mercury emblem (program manager Steve Babcock hopes to eventually replace the "waterfall" emblem with one showing the profile of the god Mercury), front fog lamps, unique 18-in, wheels with the "god's head" emblem on the center caps, smoked rear light clusters, the Marauder name stamped in the rear fascia, and 3.5-in.
Thus "blinded" to unintended bias based on body color, the researchers kept track of individual offspring that became "guard bees" and "undertaker bees," two occupational specialties found in honeybee hives.
Five exterior body colors are available: Aurora Blue Mica, Sunlight Silver Metallic, Metropolitan Grey Mica, Black Mica and Crystal White Pearl Mica (if this special body color is selected, the price increases by 31,500 yen including tax).
While this is taking place, the gray "halo" around the top of the rear doors is removed and replaced by a body color piece drawn from a rack that feeds directly to the line in sequence.