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body building and it was necessary to provide them opportunities so that they
He said there was great potential in the youth of the country especially in the game of body building and it was necessary to provide them opportunities so that they should earn reputation for the nation.
Her success was all the more remarkable considering she only took up body building two years earlier.
TRANSL888 it: Nia Ceidiog is well-known as a presenter, producer and director but she enters a completely new world when she agrees to compete in a body building competition.
Jeannie, 47, of Mirfield, who has been body building for 15 years, is now working towards the Miss Universe competition on November 26.
Weight training and body building have always been in Tonys family, through the 80s and 90s Tony and his father ran a successful gym at the Arches in Spon End.
Indian Dalip Singh Rana who goes by the ring name of The Great Khali in the WWE circuit will grace what is being touted as the UAE's biggest body building championship till date - the first ever 'Mr International Indian 2015-16' on January 29 and 30.
Just seven weeks ago the father won the Masters Over-50 regional heat in the National Amateur Body Building Association contest.
The event was organized under the auspice of Body Building Association, Khyber Agency and representative of the Senator Taj Mohammad, Sameenullah Shinwari was the chief guest.
And now the couple have made a name for themselves after winning two body building couples competitions in as many weeks.
com)-- Nutrition Pit is sponsoring the Arnold Amateur body building contest this weekend in Columbus Ohio and will be handing out flyers with a coupon code that can be used for body building supplements and other workout enhancing products and gear on their online store.
The event was organized by the All Manipur Body Building and Fitness Association in collaboration with the All Manipur Body Building Association.
Mumbai, May 4 -- 35-year old, Mumbai-based fitness modeling instructor Karuna Swami has won the prestigious Miss India Fitness Physique 2012 - recently organized by the Indian Body Building Federation (IBBF) at Bidar in Karnataka.
11 -- VE Commercial Vehicles, an equal joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors which has been in operation since 2008 is trying to up the game in India and has now reportedly lined up an investment of Rs 1,000 crore over the next three years for its various projects which include a bus body building plant as well as further investments in its engine plant, according to a report in The Business Line.
A FORMER Miss Wales body building champion who turned to alcohol after her competitive life was cut short has another mountain to climb.