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a brace worn to support the back

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Beyond a certain limit, pat-ients are advised conservative treatment, which requires wearing body braces to keep the spine straight.
Lucky escape: Tamworth skydiver James Boole in the body brace he was forced to wear after breaking his back and (right) in his webbed gliding outfit.
He was rushed to hospital in Moscow before being flown back to the UK in a body brace and is now recovering at home.
I spent a month lying on my back, fitted with a body brace from my waist up to the tops of my ears," he recalls "But I didn't want to use my old injury as an excuse for not getting further than I did in Strictly.
Then I spent months in a body brace from my waist up to my ears.
She was left with a scar from 100 stitches in her back and had to wear a body brace for four months.
Several hours, Pediatric ICU, Orthopedic floor, upper body brace .
When her arms were finally strong enough at 3, she used a walker and full body brace to get around.
On the Fourth of July, doctors fitted her into a body brace.
Mr Malcolm Morse told Mr Justice Astill that Jeremiah could not remember all the events which led to Miss Gredzinski, who now wears a full body brace, making a desperate attempt to get away from him.
Fitness has come a long way since Sears, Roebuck and Company at the turn of the century advertised the Rational Body Brace that "removes the cause of all weakness and forms a natural support for every organ of the body," the Peerless Vapor Bath Cabinet, guaranteed to melt the lard out at a retail price of $2.
Whether someone needs to recreate a part for which there is no tooling, or creating a torso model used to manufacture a body brace, this solution brings all the necessary scanning and design tools together to make the process simple.
Stacey Lyons, 28, said being dragged through the system is especially hard on her eldest daughter, who suffers from scoliosis and must wear a body brace.
He then reviewed the outcomes of patients initially treated with a Milwaukee Brace, a body brace with attached vertical bars and a neck ring, and subsequently with the less confining thoracic-lumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO) brace, to determine whether or not the braces prevented further curve progression and the need for surgery.
Jim is hoping Angus, who will have to wear a body brace for at least the next six weeks, will be released in time to support him.