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Lynsey took over a gym and went to watch the other body builders before being approached by a judge who said she had a good physique.
The young body builder told the Sindh Governor that he was extremely keen to participate in another international contest scheduled to be held in Las Vagas in next three month's time.
The general perception of body builders is someone with no brain who spends all his time in the gym and hopefully I can prove that you can succeed in body building but also academically such as training to be teacher.
The team visited Platinum Fitness Centre in Bargoed, which was run by Mr Trollope - a well-known body builder.
A BODY builder went on a sex spree after killing his girlfriend and dumping her body in woods, a court heard yesterday.
In fact their entire Monday night line-up looks like it's been put together by a bulked up body builder on steroids.
A FORMER Miss Great Britain body builder was jailed yesterday for attacking a woman in Liverpool city centre.
Beefy body builder Dave Lynch has flexed his muscles and walked away with a national title.
The 22-year-old body builder told surprised psychiatrists he was hooked on anabolic steroids -- synthetic versions of the male hormone testosterone.
Body Builder will be installing this type of equipment on this Chassis: 12% Plow, 9% Wing, 12% Under Body Scraper, and 18% Material Body with Pre-wetting package on the tail gate.
Lahore -- A Pakistani physically challenged body builder is awaiting recognition from the authorities concerned.
ACOMMERCIAL vehicle body builder established six years ago on the back of a wellplaced PS1 investment is on track to hit 2015 turnover of PS6m.
One can prevent diseases like blood pressure and asthma," said Harpal Singh, a body builder.
Local body builder Gunter Schlierkamp has muscled his way to the top of his profession.
The government should pay attention to this fact," said Aangrish, expert nutritionist and body builder.