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a bag in which the body of a dead soldier is placed

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Two-hundred black body bags lined up on Brighton beach in East Sussex by campaigners highlighting Britain's 'shameful' response to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Tom
Members of Indonesian search and rescue team carry body bags to ambulances
Additionally, Big Business and Body Bags can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at www.
WATCHING Sunday's Remembrance Day parades,it struck me there were more people than normal and I wondered if this had anything to do with the fact that British soldiers are coming home in body bags from another unnecessary conflict overseas.
With a possible war with Iraq looming, Mr Weston said of the equipment situation: ``If we want to bring them back in body bags, we should continue to give them the worst.
SIX thousand body bags have been put on order while rescuers continue the grim task of recovering the victims of the worst terrorism act in history.
For example, divers should place bodies in body bags to avoid losing transient evidence, such as hair or fibers, and to ensure that any injuries that occur during the recovery process are not mistaken for wounds inflicted before death.
John Christensen's white body bags hang like bats above the dancers, while video images flutter across the set.
He realized then--as he realizes now--that the palpably sour public mood could turn hostile in a Washington minute if America's sons and daughters were to start coming home in body bags while he had lacked the moxie even to show up for his orals.
Returning to the scene of the crime, Sternfeld inverts the tropes of the whodunit genre by working wit the evidence missing--no body bags, no chalk marks, no blood on the pavement; for the most part, no people.
According to sources, the public office was negligent in how it handled corpses including the improper refrigeration and placement of bodies in protective body bags, which led to the maggot infestation plaguing the coroner facility.
BELARUS protesters will lie in body bags at the Edinburgh spot where grisly public executions took place in a protest against the death penalty in their own country.
Relatives flocked to the scene to hunt for loved ones as the dead were lined up in body bags nearby.
Indonesia: Body bags containing the remains of people aboard a Russian jet that smashed into an Indonesian mountain arrived in Jakarta Saturday as Russian investigators landed to join the probe.
Pamela Indiaka says the Red Cross is providing body bags and has dealt with 75 bodies so far.