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Italian printer who designed the Bodoni font (1740-1813)

a typeface (based on an 18th century design by Gianbattista Bodoni) distinguished by regular shape and hairline serifs and heavy downstrokes

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HEADLINE: Font is rounder and cleaner, with change from Bodoni to a new Detroit Bodoni that was designed for the Free Press.
Robert Bodoni is special investigation unit supervisor for Metlife Auto & Home.
I wish the Times would retire Bookman and Cheltenham, terrible type faces, in favor of the Bodoni family.
He did and for rhetorical purposes read out the list of Ed Bodoni, the office manager:
On pages twenty-nine and thirty of issue fourteen of the new series of this journal, Mathilde Kredel Brown Swanson maintained in her article on her grandfather Fritz Kredel that Giovanni Mardersteig had not paid Kredel for his complicated carving work for A Comedy of Terence Called "Andria" (Verona, Italy: Officina Bodoni, 1971).
In those days, editors tried to make the type reflect the subject: "'Feminine' cursives and italics for the women's page and blocky sans serifs for sports pages" -- Bodoni typeface for Italians, Garamond for a French topic, Caslon for English and Oriental-looking type for Asia stories.
(27.) Terence, A Comedy of Terence Called "Andria" (Verona, Italy: Officina Bodoni, 1971).
(10) Favole (Vercelli: Tipografia Patria, 1790); Scherzi poetici e pittorici (Parma: Bodoni, 1795); Poesie (Pisa: Nuova Tipografia, 1798); Epigrammi, madrigali ed epitaffi (Pisa: co' caratteri di F.
After browsing through a mountain-high manuscript that landed on my desk a few months ago from the salubrious West Coast, I couldn't help reminiscing about Gutenberg's plowable type, Giambattista Bodoni's impressive title pages and luxurious margins, Louis Elzever's elegant typefaces, and many others, inventors and innovators, those who enriched the printed page with new types of letters, symbols, and optical characters: well, yes, Baskerville, Caslon, Didot, Garamond, Goudy, Granjon, Morris, Rogers, Tory .
Every placemat, napkin, and chef's hat says: |Welcome to Donutorium, a registered trademark of Dorp Corp.' in 14-point Bodoni Bold.
The sweltering hideousness of the Bodoni letter, the most illegible type that was ever cut, with its preposterous thicks and thins ...