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'Considering Davao City is surrounded by bodies of water, it is of great call to pass the policy to ensure a conducive environment for our wildlife and marine animals.
Obviously, the task of cleaning Manila Bay, the Pasig River, Boracay and other bodies of water becomes more challenging and complex because of the many groups that have a role in exacerbating environmental problems, the competing interests of stakeholders and the thick bureaucracy in government.
30 that the city's anti-epidemic team is sterilizing still bodies of water and working with other government agencies tasked with the flood clean up.
"Thus, the waste is being discharged directly to the drainage canals, creeks, and other bodies of water."
'We are issuing an order that there will no longer be dumpsites near bodies of water. It's putting the lives of people at risk.
This defined which bodies of water were protected under the Clean Water Act, so anyone building near or in those waters would need a section 404 permit.
Stuart Millington, senior fire safety manager, said: "No matter how warm the air is in the summer months, inland bodies of water are unlikely to have warmed up, and the shock of cold water creates a physical response that can make it more difficult to swim, and can even cause death.
The aim this project is to reconcile people with their rivers, fight for the survival of bodies of water and to remember how valuable and essential rivers are to us all.
There are a total of 4000 unguarded bodies of water in Bulgaria, including a range of dams,
If Google Maps users search on "Persian Gulf," they will be taken to such a map--but they will not find any label saying "Persian Gulf" or anything else, while nearby bodies of water, like the Gulf of Oman, are clearly marked.
Many countries, including the United States and Britain, have a single-name policy in designating bodies of water, and Japan already seems to have secured the support of more than 39 countries, the report said.
and then, again, into a time primordial, our bodies of water,
To apply this information to particular bodies of water all across North America, you also need to recognize different lake, river, and reservoir types.
The Bering __ between Alaska and Russia is a narrow channel of water joining two larger bodies of water.