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The OS-Gemini C is the product wireless service providers deploy when their customers need extreme performance under the most challenging conditions, even over large bodies of water.
After Secretly Canadian signed Bodies of Water, the label re-released the album nationally on January 22, 2008.
The--of Hormuz is an example of a narrow channel of water joining two larger bodies of water.
The Los Angeles River, Los Angeles Harbor and Santa Monica Bay were among the bodies of water receiving the most toxic chemicals in the state in 1997, according to a report released Thursday.
In short, Cox has swum across some of Earth's most treacherous bodies of water.
Partrac tracks sediment transport providing valuable information on erosion and the way environmental pollutants impact bodies of water.
In the spring of 2000, the group decided that the Southern Ocean is the world's fifth ocean--and that its boundaries include all bodies of water between 60[degrees] S latitude and the coast of Antarctica.
Geologists refer to these shallow bodies of water as oriented-thaw lakes because their long axes are aligned and they freeze each winter and melt each spring, says Jon D.
USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists at the National Sedimentation Laboratory in Oxford, Mississippi, have determined that vegetated drainage ditches can help farmers reduce the amount of chemicals and sediment carried by stormwater from fields into nearby bodies of water.
The SuperScoopers skim the top of large bodies of water, including the ocean, and scoop water for the tank, Corbett said.
This provides a reliable link, even in the toughest NLOS paths, over long distances and over large bodies of water.
If you were to circle Africa by ship, starting at Tripoli, Libya, and heading east, through which bodies of water would you travel?
One theory holds that bacteria on sediment suspended in the abundant bodies of water in tropical regions may get into scratches or open wounds and trigger infections.
The so-called ``mosquito fish'' also are dumped in ponds and other still bodies of water to eat the insects' eggs before they hatch.
Parents should review important summer safety tips, such as instructions on where to play (away from bodies of water, traffic, or in parking lots); what to wear to protect against serious injury (sunscreen, helmets, reflective clothing, kneepads, elbow pads, and a horn or bell on bicycles and other ride-ons); and how to play safely.