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Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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The Bodhisattava Avalokitesvara composed a treatise on general surgery called dPyad-gChes gzun (Precious Treatment).
These works by the Boddhisattavas are collectively called Treatises According to the Bodhisattava Methods.
In the Buddhist world, Asvaghosa is particularly remembered for his great work The Jataka Tales which is a detailed account of the different births the Buddha as a Bodhisattava took in his previous lives in order to accumulate merits over countless aeons that are required in order to achieve Buddhahood.
Ito recebeu alguns dos premios de literatura mais prestigiados do Japao, incluindo o 21 Premio de Literatura Noma pelo livro Raninya; o Premio Takami Jun por Kawara arekusa; o 15 Premio Sakurato Hagiwara e o 18 Premio de Literatura Murasaki Shikibu pelo livro Togenuki: Shin-sugamo jizo engi [O puxador de espinho: novas lendas do bodhisattava jizo em Sugamo].
We took turn to take photos: one with a group of bhikkhunis only, one of those who have taken bodhisattava's vows, one group from Pattaya, etc.