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Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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Moreover, the leaders should consider themselves a kind of self-effacing bodhisatta soldiers, and not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in their work for Buddhism and saving the sentient beings.
Aung Zeyya was the name of the king, while Alaunghpaya, not mentioned in the Burmese text here, was a posthumous title meaning 'embryo Buddha' (the same as hpaya-laung), and has the same meaning as bodhisatta.
Jataka Stories in Theravada Buddhism, Narrating the Bodhisatta Path.
Women and the Bodhisatta Path in Theravada Buddhism," Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 27, no.
As a bodhisatta who would become omniscient and the pinnacle of the three worlds, Mahasammata worked to perfect his wisdom.
Especially, [there is the reference] in the Tundila jataka, where the Pig-King, the bodhisatta Mahatundila, sits on the seat of judgment and determines the law.
Buddhist Karen concepts of royalty should be considered in relation to the bodhisatta ideal of world redeemer and as part of a quest for moral leadership, which are based on the Mon-Burman tradition emphasising the next Buddha.
Susanne Prager argues that the idea of a future king was part of Burman nationalism and that Aung San was seen as a min laung and Aung San Suu Kyi has also been considered as a potential bodhisatta.
Holt identifies, for example, five elements of Kirti Sri's political discourse: Asokan, the Sakran model of divine rule, Mahasammata Buddhist myth, Manu, and the bodhisatta ideal.
33) Mp I 377,16 reports that Bhadda Kaccana married the bodhisatta and gave birth to Rahula; cf.
One such figure was Buddha's wife, Yasodhara, who cooked the food which, as a Bodhisatta, he offered to the innumerable Buddhas who had gone before him and which made possible his own Buddhahood.
Three Types of Bodhisatta in Theravadin Tradition, A Bibliographical Excursion.
the natural phenomena occurring at the birth of a Bodhisatta in his last birth.
On the other hand, the Buddha's condemnation of killing does not mean that soldiers cannot do any wholesome deed in their profession; this fact is shown by the following statement of Mahosadha, who was our bodhisatta in the role of a general in Umaugajataka:
On the career of women disciple bodhisattas in Pali texts see Pruitt and Appleton ("Footsteps").