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Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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(15) Charles Keyes defines a bodhisatta (a 'savior saint') as 'the enlightened being who foregoes realization of final attainment of Nibbana in order to spread his compassion to others, thereby helping them along the road to salvation' by contrast with the arahat ('mystical saint') as 'the being who has successfully realized Nibbana for himself.
The central theme of the many Jatakas is the accumulation of barami by the bodhisatta or future Buddha over many incarnations, with the final achievement of the ten royal forms of barami enabling the bodhisatta to be reborn in his final incarnation as Gotama Buddha.
Moreover, the leaders should consider themselves a kind of self-effacing bodhisatta soldiers, and not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in their work for Buddhism and saving the sentient beings.
Jataka Stories in Theravada Buddhism, Narrating the Bodhisatta Path.
Also intriguing are stories of the Gotama Buddha's earlier birth as the younger sister of the bodhisatta Dipankara (Hansen, How to behave, p.
Whoever speaks falsely or acts selfishly, after roasting in hell, experiences great suffering and will never get to see the Bodhisatta Metteya.
In the Mahapadana Sutta, the Buddha says that it is dhammata that a bodhisatta entering his final lifetime descends from Tusita heaven, that devas attend his conception, that the mother has no sexual desire while carrying him, that she gives birth standing up and an inconceivable bright light appears, and that she will die seven days after the birth and be reborn in Tusita heaven (D II 13-15).
22, suggests a complete overlap between the Preah Bat Thommik and neak mean bon through the conceptual link 'dhammik = bodhisatta = neak mean boun'.
Holt identifies, for example, five elements of Kirti Sri's political discourse: Asokan, the Sakran model of divine rule, Mahasammata Buddhist myth, Manu, and the bodhisatta ideal.
Women and the Bodhisatta Path in Theravada Buddhism." Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 27.1 (2011), 33-51.
It is clear from self-identifications in the colophons to certain of his works that he envisioned himself as a bodhisatta or 'future Buddha'.
"Three Types of Bodhisatta in Theravadin Tradition, A Bibliographical Excursion." In Buddhist and Indian Studies in Honour of Professor Sodo Mori, 91-102.
Buddhist Karen concepts of royalty should be considered in relation to the bodhisatta ideal of world redeemer and as part of a quest for moral leadership, which are based on the Mon-Burman tradition emphasising the next Buddha.
Dhamma Niyama order of the norm; e.g., the natural phenomena occurring at the birth of a Bodhisatta in his last birth.
One such figure was Buddha's wife, Yasodhara, who cooked the food which, as a Bodhisatta, he offered to the innumerable Buddhas who had gone before him and which made possible his own Buddhahood.