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This week's rogues included a bodging electrician who left a fusebox in a potentially lethal state, and a dodgy locksmith who massively overcharged to get a woman into her house.
The 155,000-acre beauty spot will be the base for forest crafts, bodging, chainsaw carving, willow weaving, iron working, archery, circus skills, pottery, music and dogs competing in the Kielder Scruffs dog competition.
Among the dozens of crafts and demonstration stands, visitors can try pole lathe turning, chair bodging or willow weaving at Beacon Hill Country Park near Loughborough, with sweeping views over the growing National Forest.
They have a duty of care; it's not enough to keep bodging repairs and filling in pot holes, as has been done for 30 years on Plantshill Crescent, Tile Hill.
The Halewood Country Show at Halewood Park on September 7 which will include charcoal making, bodging and willow weaving workshops.
HALF of all homebuyers believe they were conned by sellers bodging repairs to conceal faults in their new property.
Live music will be performed by traditional jazz musicians Zenith Hot Stompers and the showground will feature stalls and demonstrations of traditional countryside crafts like thatching, chair bodging, sheep shearing and wood turning.
Nearly one hundred exhibitors will be demonstrating ancient crafts in the 1,000-acre beauty spot, ranging from bodging to charcoal-making.
LIKE the Beeb's Rogue Traders, its aim is to root out plumbers, builders and other handymen whose work and behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, whether they've been accused by customers of bodging jobs or ripping people off.
The HBF consumer satisfaction survey 2006 virtually abolishes 'bodging' builders altogether - by placing 22 firms in a league table of comparative excellence.
This year also sees the debut of cider making and people can have a go at bodging and basket making.
Perhaps if we could divert a bit of cash from the Road Narrowing & Bodging Budgets we may be able to rescue part of the local heritage.
Mr White, who has the landowner's permission to camp there, has been battling against what he sees as unreasonable bureaucracy since planners told him he needed permission to live in the woods and follow his ancient trade of coppicing and "bodging" - mak ing items like wooden hurdles and pegs.
Enjoy everything from beekeeping and bodging to wood carving, spinning, coracle making and a blacksmiths competition to name but a few.
Nearly one hundred exhibitors will be doing their best to keep ancient crafts, from bodging to charcoal-making, alive and kicking in the North East.