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Synonyms for mousey

infested with mice


of something having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse

quiet and timid and ineffectual


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We have two cats who are brothers called Bodger and Badger. Bodger had an accident with a car and so he only has three legs.
The loveable bear has been followed by Keith and Orville (a green duck in a nappy) Gordon the Gofer, Andi Peters and Edd the Duck, and Bodger and Badger - famous for their mashed potato antics - to name but a few.
Midlands entertainer Don Maclean, Cockney duo Chas & Dave, Joe Brown and TV's Bodger and Badger are among the line-up for Stratford Civic Hall's new spring programme.
The pantomime will be Cinderella (Thu, Dec 10 - Sun, Jan 8) starring Children's ITV presenter Laura Jaye; Pauline Fleming (Mike Baldwin's squeeze Penny King in Coronation Street); Helen Fraser who plays Sylvia, alias Bodybag, in ITV's Bad Girls; children's TV favourites, Bodger And Badger; and David Brown (Adam Morgan from TV's Hollyoaks).