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a lake in southeastern Germany on the northern side of the Swiss Alps

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It will not be long until we revisit the area, not only to relive our experience, but to cover the vast array of other options available around Bodensee.
Bar the odd minor incline, the Bodensee Cycle Path is mostly flat and well signposted, making it doable for cyclists of every fitness level.
One may wonder why so much needed to be written on a short text by a twenty-two-year-old student, whose eight-day journey on foot from Stuttgart to the Bodensee and the Rheinfall represented a first break to freedom from harsh discipline.
Landsratsamt Bodensee, the local government for 210,000 residents in the Bodensee area of Germany, has implemented an integrated RAID-TAPE server solution from DSM for use in managing drivers licenses and vehicle registration records.
The Haerle Brewery, a family-owned business making beer since 1822 in the southern town of Koenigseggwald near the Bodensee Lake, said local beer-lovers are setting up a new company and selling shares to raise capital.
The first edition of Klaus Beckmann's Repertorium Orgelmusik (Moos am Bodensee: Bodensee-Musikversand, 1994) was a welcome and highly useful addition to organ-music bibliography.
5 Sep: A 2 5 to 3 hrs walk around the 'Insel Reichenau' in Bodensee
The orchestra also appears regularly at international European festivals such as Val Gardena, Flanders, Echternach, Bodensee and Mecklenburg Vorpommern and frequently tours in Italy and Germany.