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Synonyms for Boddhisatva

Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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"They say that he was the true Boddhisatva of Tourists.
(38.) In Tibetan Chenrezig (sPyan ras gzigs), one of the eight principal Boddhisatvas, considered the principal protector of Tibet, shown as holding a white lotus.
They depict people who have entered into a kind of happiness different from the kind determined simply by what we do ourselves, and it is also different, in ways that deserve exploration, from the beatitude depicted in images of the Buddha and his attendant Boddhisatvas.
According to Tibetan Buddhist theology, spiritually advanced beings known as boddhisatvas are said to choose the circumstances of their births so they can do the most good for others.
Also in East Kalimantan, inscribed yupas (in Pallava script; fourth or fifth century A.D.), gold jewellery, stone statues of Hindu gods and Boddhisatvas (ca tenth century), and a bronze Buddha were discovered.(18)