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Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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His life story manifested the asceticism and devotion of an Enlightened one, a boddhisattva (from which "Josaphat" is derived), a Buddha in practice, so much that he was taken (or mistaken) for a Christian by Christians.
They tell us that some Sri Lankan Buddhists venerate this contemporary Indian religious leader as only a guru, that others worship him as a god, and that still others receive him as the boddhisattva incarnation of the coming Maitreya Buddha.
It is also important to note that while Sun Wukong is frequently tortured into obedience through the Boddhisattva Guanyin's magical headband, he nevertheless ends the journey by accepting canonization as the "Buddha Victorious in Strife" (Wu 4: 425).
I have also been inspired to work more actively with my boddhisattva vows since spending time at Songdhammkalyani Temple.
Herein lies the difference between the beautiful dream of the Boddhisattva [sic] .