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Synonyms for Bodhisattva

Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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Plusieurs personnes particulierement pieuses ou qui aspirent a devenir apprentis boddhisattva mangent vegetarien pendant la duree du Tet (une semaine) et viennent ainsi acheter la nourriture a la pagode (8).
Boddhisattva can also mean a completely enlightened being who could be released from rebirth, but instead voluntarily returns and is reborn as a human being to enlighten all sentient beings.
It is also important to note that while Sun Wukong is frequently tortured into obedience through the Boddhisattva Guanyin's magical headband, he nevertheless ends the journey by accepting canonization as the "Buddha Victorious in Strife" (Wu 4: 425).
I have also been inspired to work more actively with my boddhisattva vows since spending time at Songdhammkalyani Temple.
Returning to the Buddhist approach of Reincarnation in the realm of samsara, which is the way all sentient beings live their lives (but also Boddhisattva, who refused to be liberated himself before everyone was), provides a clue in order to make sense of this process of becoming one unified body-mind.
Some have tried to connect the name with the Boddhisattva Manjusri, but there is no precedent for using Buddhist deities' names as ethnonyms, either among the Mongols or the Jurchen.
In Japan initially there was a shift from the vinaya precepts to Boddhisattva precepts.
His life story manifested the asceticism and devotion of an Enlightened one, a boddhisattva (from which "Josaphat" is derived), a Buddha in practice, so much that he was taken (or mistaken) for a Christian by Christians.
Most probably, just the concept of merciful ruler Boddhisattva (i.e.