Cordia alliodora

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large tropical American tree of the genus Cordia grown for its abundant creamy white flowers and valuable wood

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The "X" bows can be built with your choice of exotic woods, including bocote, cocobolo, and osage.
The bows I shot were gorgeous, featuring such exotic woods as bocote, rosewood, and cocobolo.
The deluxe version, the Vision Falcon, contains select woods in the riser, bamboo limb cores, moose horn tip overlays, and the like, My particular bow has a gorgeous bocote wood riser and stunning bocote-veneer-under- clear-glass limbs that show off the wildly swirling grain pattern of the veneer.
Callicutt found that cocobolo, bocote, pecan, osage orange and acrylic double reeds most resembled the decrescendos of female mallards.