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3-point baskets: ACC u Kusner 3, Cwinski 2, Padilla; H -- Daily 2, Bocke.
Still other researchers and clinicians have assessed perception of the child's or adolescent's HRQL from the point of view of both members of the parent-child dyad to determine whether the proxy report of the parent can substitute for the child or adolescent response when it is not possible to obtain self-report data from the child or adolescent (Annett, Bender, DuHamel, & Lapidus, 2003; Brunner et al., 2004; Guyatt, Juniper, Griffith, Feeny, & Ferrue, 1997; Huber, 2005; Lack et al., 2009; le Coq, Bocke, Bezemer, Colland, & van Eijk, 2000; Sawyer et al., 2004; Varni, Burwinkle, Rapoff, Kamps, & Olson, 2004).
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We're using black shelving to better show off our wine product, providing wine lists to cater and educate customers on what to buy with food," says John Bocke, district manager, Niemann Foods Inc., Quincy, Ill.