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Boche, "Optimal transmission with imperfect channel state information at the transmit antenna array," Wireless Personal Communications, vol.27, no.1, pp.33-56, 2003.
I went to see General de Bazelaire, but he was reluctant to authorize me to join a French raiding party out to capture Boche prisoners.
*** Meanwhile, on the home front, the Observer told how a gentleman from the town had just received a letter posted to his home 10 years earlier."The hated Boche (Germans) had nothing to do with it," explained the paper."It arrived in London in good time but got lost in the post office and was only found the other day and dispatched to the gent to whom it was addressed."
fighting desperately, opened with his Bolo the head of the German who was throttling Roberts, and turned to the Boche who had Roberts by the feet, plunging the Bolo into the German's bowels.
The morphological characterization and simulation of different peach fruits has also been reported by Alvarez and Boche (1999), who measured the perpendicular equatorial diameter of late-season nec tarines (c.v.
He wrote: "I got out of right sponson door but I heard bullets hitting the tank and saw some Boche about 30 yds off firing at me.
Despite the pain and blood loss he was still full of fight and determined he'd ram whichever Boche got nearest.
"Many Very lights (flares) were sent up from the Boche lines on our right which caused our progress to be slow.
Teachers will like the addition of a glossary to help them teach the history behind now-antiquated terms like 'Gotha' and 'Boche.' This could be a great tie-in for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, as well as a good book for those studying themes like nationalism and world wars.
Boche, "Complex interval arithmetic with some applications Lockheed Missiles & Space Company," Tech.
in Barangay (village) San Agustin, when undercover policemen carried out a sting operation against Jose Bazarte, alias 'Boche,' who was included in the local police's drug watch list.