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For the moment, his own demanding gut stifled itself as Rigaut buried the torn ends of the Boche.
Des grenades etalent devenues des lampes a essence; des obus non eclates servaient de lampadaires; des boites de singe se transformaient en jalousies; les capotes boches en rideaux d'alcove, des canons de fusils en chenets et des fourreaux de baionnettes en soufflets.
He no doubt deemed the Germans responsible for the stern supremacy of tonics and dominants, and his bombastic Souvenir d'une Marche Boche (1915) makes merciless use of V-I progressions and extravagant march formulations.
He sometimes calls her 'La Boche,' the offensive French version of 'Kraut' and goes out of his way to give her an embrace and a double-cheeked kiss in the French fashion, the kind of contact that he knows very well, aides say, she cannot stand.
However, more important were the results of an autopsy which indicated that the man was killed by a blow to the head with a blunt instrument, rather than a Boche shell, which buried the dugout with his body and those of his bunkmates inside.
The company provides services for the construction and resurfacing of tennis, basketball, volleybball, boche, and shuffleboard courts complete with fencing.
Trying to dissuade Gragnon from the comfort of his rigid idealism, Lallemont explains: "The Boche doesn't want to destroy us, any more than we would want, could afford, to destroy him.
His father sent him some yoke that had once finished placed in the Middle Park - fine for a quick burst through the Boche but unlikely to stay the trip to Berlin.
Boche les appelle "des enfants qui poussaient sur la misere comme les champignons sur le fumier" (L'Assommoir 190).
Dominic Watson, business sales manager at specialist optical consultants Myers La Boche, has been named National Federation of Property Professionals Technical Award in Commercial Property Agency Student of the Year 2008.
The Boche were at the time sending over time-bombs, ie bombs which did not explode immediately upon impact but which were timed to go off at unexpected intervals afterwards.
Some people make a traditional log-shaped cake called the boche de Noel, or Christmas log.
9 article ``Lieberman loses primary race,'' I'd like to point out that Taylor's phrase, ``La boche muerta,'' is pure gibberish.
The following year, William Roberts's father was killed on the Somme and, in common with so many other Britons, he decided that the Boche had to be defeated.
Alyce Boche, administrator of the Rehabilitation Center and employee for 21 years, says, "I consider my employment here a privilege and an honor.