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Italian poet (born in France) (1313-1375)

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Boccaccio openly quotes the Digest in his Genealogia, recalling that in the book, which he refers to as Pandecta pisana (the oldest manuscript of the Pandects, during that period held in Pisa),
In einem erhellenden Vergleich von De casibus mit Petrarcas De viris illustribus deckt Alexander Winkler die oft verkannten kompositorischen Starken Boccaccios gegenuber seinem Freund und maestro auf.
The best developments in English literature were built on Italian models: the genius of Chaucer and Shakespeare can be found in their discriminating adoption of the poetics of Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio.
And by so doing, they create a happy meeting of two worlds removed in time but linked through the 'realism' of our modern world which is not extraneous but rather akin to that of Boccaccio himself.
The Decameron, Genoa, the Mamluks, and the Golden Horde As is well known, Boccaccio was intimately familiar with mercantile spheres (especially Genoese): his father was an independent merchant, who joined the Florentine Compagnia de' Bardi as its principal agent at the Neapolitan court of King Robert of Anjou, and Boccaccio spent his early years in this multicultural center of trade and learning (1327-41).
In fact, Ugolino's rich imagination is further underscored by the presence of Boccaccio himself as a character in the play, an individual portrayed as a gifted writer but one haunted by solitude and guilt.
It is a translation in which, to use an expression that Boccaccio applies to the Divine Comedy, the lamb can walk and the elephant swim.
As Boccaccio put it, "These are hot little receivers.
Dante, Boccaccio y Petrarca, los tres astros literarios de ese transito, son fuentes nutricias de lo mejor que ha producido la cultura occidental; con ellos nacieron formas, modelos, ideas y valores estetieos que han perdurado hasta nuestros dias e irradiado por el mundo entero.
El Polytheismo elucidado, personages de la gentilidad a cara descubierta, obra de Don Blas Hypolito Garcia de Soto, Abad de Santiago de Lossada en Lugo, muestra, por el contrario, una clarisima y no reconocida influencia de la Genealogia de los dioses paganos, de Giovanni Boccaccio.
Edmondson, George, The Neighboring Text: Chaucer, Boccaccio, Henryson, Notre Dame, IN, University of Notre Dame Press, 2011; paperback; pp.
2) Boccaccio interpreted Amazon lore in two texts which, although written in different literary genres, were extremely popular with Renaissance readers, painters, and patrons: the Teseida della nozze d'Emilia (ca.
Boccaccio and the book; production and reading in Italy, 1340-1520.
In this vein, Zygmunt Baranski suggests that Branca's summary dismissal of an Epicurean Boccaccio stems from his misunderstanding of Boccaccio's uncharacteristically--for his age--nuanced understanding of Epicurus; Carlo Caruso reevaluates Branca's attribution of the substantial revisions to the editio princeps of the Amorosa visione to Boccaccio; Nicola Jones gently but convincingly illustrates the pitfalls of Branca's theoretical approach to images in manuscripts of Boccaccio's work; and John Lindon corrects Branca's somewhat paternalistic portrait of Sarah Austin, translator of Foscolo.
Court officials say the owner of the Al-Salam Boccaccio 98 and his son were acquitted of charges of negligence and corruption by a court in the Red Sea port city of Hurghada.