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small lynx of North America

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Adult bobcats were noted to have scavenged on 5% of deer carcasses examined in an Idaho study, compared with 79% of the carcasses which were scavenged by coyotes (Koehler and Hornocker, 1991).
The Ohio Division of Wildlife (ODOW) began a multi-faceted bobcat ecology project in 2011 across southeastern Ohio where bobcats showed signs of re- establishment.
Through a spotting scope, I've watched bobcats stalk full-grown Coues whitetail, although I've never seen a successful hunt.
Habitat loss and trophy hunting put bobcats on the threatened species list in 1977, and it was only recently that the bobcat population recovered enough to be removed from this list.
The Heat have blanked the Bobcats since the Big 3 era of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh began in Miami in 2010.
The town has a good amount of rabbits this year, a draw for the bobcats, Officer Pease said.
With the exception of Long Island, bobcats are currently found in suitable habitat throughout the state.
Sunstate trees Inc had "rented to purchase" a new large wheeled Bobcat skid steer from Orlando Bobcat.
Scott Johnson, nongame wildlife biologist in Indiana, agrees with Bluett about bobcat habitation and says bobcats are "ubiquitous as far as major habitat, they're not too picky.
Then they took a game seemingly in control against the Bobcats and lost it 106-97 in overtime, even with Kobe Bryant connecting on a tying 3- pointer with 1.
On November 2nd, the Celina High Bobcats football team defeated rival Valley View High for its 50th consecutive victory, breaking a state record that had stood for 44 years.
This shadowy near-encounter symbolizes the relationship bobcats have fashioned with people.
Charlotte Bobcats Align with LifeLock[R] in Multi-Year Marketing Partnership
Despite Al Jefferson's best efforts, the Charlotte Bobcats couldn't come away with a victory in three games against the top contenders in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are solitary territorial carnivores that range from southern Canada to the midlatitudes of Mexico.