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small lynx of North America

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A foursome of golfers was gathered near a fairway bunker on the seventh hole of the Mohegan Sun's golf course in Sprague, Connecticut, Thursday morning when a rabid bobcat attacked one of the men, according to local authorities.
I mean, we see bobcats every week, but not when they are encountering another rattlesnake," Lucky said.
The bobcats were often active during the middle of the day, but maintained an overall pattern similar to those previously documented, with the majority of their activity falling between the hours of 0400-1000 h and 1800-2400 h (Rippley et al., 2012).
The Ohio Division of Wildlife (ODOW) began a multi-faceted bobcat ecology project in 2011 across southeastern Ohio where bobcats showed signs of re- establishment.
Through a spotting scope, I've watched bobcats stalk full-grown Coues whitetail, although I've never seen a successful hunt.
Most of the people commenting on the picture on the Facebook page thought the animal was a bobcat. They mentioned seeing bobcats in town.
Bobcats are most active at dawn and dusk, but can be seen at any time of day.
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is proposing changes to regulations that would provide increased hunting and trapping opportunities for the "sportsmen" who go into the woods and kill bobcats.
The basketball legend's purchase of Bobcats Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of the Charlotte Bobcats, gives the 47-year-old a controlling interest in the companies that operate the Bobcats and the franchise's Time Warner Cable Arena home.
The Bobcats and US Airways plan to hold an event for the carrier's 6,100 Charlotte-based employees later this week in order to celebrate the partnership.
Bobcats are found throughout Southern Canada, the northern half of Mexico, and most of the United States.
On November 2nd, the Celina High Bobcats football team defeated rival Valley View High for its 50th consecutive victory, breaking a state record that had stood for 44 years.
This shadowy near-encounter symbolizes the relationship bobcats have fashioned with people.
It also noted: "Because bobcats are rarely a threat to people and commonly coexist without incident, [the department] does not routinely relocate bobcats."