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Canadian hockey player (born 1948)

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Boston Bruins 4-2: 1974- In the HBO documentary "Broad Street Bullies," the Flyers admitted that they should not have even been in the finals that year against the Bruins and their future Hall of Famers Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito.
Which sport would you associate with Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard and Wayne Gretzky?
During the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs the History Will Be Made campaign debuted TV spots featuring prominent playoff moments made by NHL greats, including Bobby Orr. History Will Be Made "Orr" featured Bobby Orr and his iconic, Cup-winning, overtime goal in 1970.
Having said that, what man wouldn't want to have Cary Grants' physical beauty, or Bobby Orr's 22-year-old body?
(Note to subs--this is spelt as given here) In a varied non-fiction best-seller list where there was no standout sales success, Bill Bryson's The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid and Searching for Bobby Orr by Stephen Brunt performed strongly.
The 40-year-old, who lives in Owen Sound, Ont., will be one of this year's inductees into the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame in Parry Sound.
If I'm half as good at my job as he then I'll be doing all right." Dougal has lost two mentors in recent years, Tiny Wharton and Bobby Orr who passed away only last month.
Former track and field star Bob Rice will be one of six athletes added to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Charles W.
Team members include Bobby Orr, Fergal McConaghy, Gerry Durkin and Jim O'Hare who saw off Holywood's Dirty Duck pub in a dramatic play-off.
Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and the Bobby Orr Hockey Hall of Fame are two facilities in Parry Sound that are seen as having an important role to play in the future development of the town's waterfront.
"No, I think the one that l really wanted and finally got, and got an opportunity to meet the person, was Bobby Orr. Growing up I was a huge Bobby Orr fan, and it so happened that five or six years ago, the company he was with merged with my agent's company and I actually got to know him a little bit and play some golf with him and that kind of thing.
The Scottish Football League's management committee will meet in the next few days to decide whether to replay the game or award the points to Ayr, who were 1- 0 up when ref Bobby Orr took the teams off the pitch.
Second place in the category was awarded to Mark Klastermeyer, CPF, of Design Frames in Falls Church, Va., for "A Capitol Santa." Richard and Carol Riman also won third place for "Bobby Orr's Winning Shot," a photo autographed by Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins.