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Synonyms for Moore

United States composer of works noted for their use of the American vernacular (1893-1969)

English actor and comedian who appeared on television and in films (born in 1935)

English philosopher (1873-1958)

Irish poet who wrote nostalgic and patriotic verse (1779-1852)


United States poet noted for irony and wit (1887-1872)

British sculptor whose works are monumental organic forms (1898-1986)

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The inspiration behind Football Shirt Friday comes from one of the most famous images of Bobby Moore at the 1970 World Cup, where he swapped football shirts with Brazilian legend Pele.
com and answer the following question: For which team did Bobby Moore play after he left West Ham?
Premiership rivals Sol Campbell and Carlton Cole attended the launch of the limited edition gadget at department store Harrods, in support of the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK.
Clearly there is a great fit between Ladbrokes and the Bobby Moore Fund, too, and we'd also encourage all our male staff to give these events their full support.
I felt Bobby Moore was telling me to do something about it.
Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill and football World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore also made the top 10 in a survey of 2,000 people by Warner Home Video.
This summer marks the 40th anniversary of sporting legend Bobby Moore leading England's football team to victory in the World Cup.
Mike Carthew is aiming to raise pounds 1,966 for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research to mark the 40th anniversary of England winning the World Cup.
Beckham may have good looks and he is an excellent passer of the ball, but Bobby Charlton and the late Bobby Moore are legends and were much better role models for young children.
The words sum up the 1966 FIFA World Cup final in which Bobby Moore led the English football squad to victory, beating West Germany 4-2.
The culinary line-up includes Chef Bobby Moore of Barking Frog, Fernando Davina of Cave B Inn, Alex Nemeth of Woodmark Hotel & Spa and Brian Scheehser of the Sorrento Hotel.
A North East cancer survivor is set to walk from St James's Park to the Stadium of Light to raise funds for the Bobby Moore foundation.
BOBBY MOORE is lauded, quite rightly, as one of the greatest players in footballing history and also as one of its gentlemen.
They include Gazza's tears in 1990 and Bobby Moore lifting the trophy in 1966.
Q I WROTE to football hero Bobby Moore in 1975 to ask if I could have a Fulham shirt and he sent me an autograph plus a handwritten message on an official Bobby Moore fan card.