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United States chess master

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"The DNA report excluded Bobby Fisher from being the father of Jinky Young, and therefore the case has come to a close," the Telegraph quoted Thordur Bogason, a Reykjavik-based lawyer who represents Jinky, as saying.
Bobby Fisher, the legendary American chess champion also used it to surround his most valuable pieces with pawns.
He speaks of the more questionable projects he performed over the years, only recently declassified to the knowledge of the public, as well as his relationships with other notable individuals such as Chess Champion Bobby Fisher and novelist Ayn Rand.
McMaster was an avid cyclist and hiker as well as an active member of the Wachusett Chess Club for a number of years, where his achievements included playing against Bobby Fisher. McMaster also spent a number of years as a member of a local bowling league and was a movie enthusiast.
Birthdays: 1943: Bobby Fisher, 63, American chess champion.
The famed Russian chessmaster analyzes chess games of the legendary American Bobby Fisher against some of his strongest opponents during the years Fisher was recognized as the world's top chess player.
Survivors include his wife; two sons, Richard of Eugene and Dale of Creswell; a daughter, Shannon Brauner of Brush Prairie, Wash.; a sister, Dolores Montgomery of Portland; five brothers, Verne Casey, Arlee Fisher, Earl Fisher, Bobby Fisher and Jackie Fisher, all of Portland; and seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Ardeer had the better of the first half but didn't break the deadlock until 12minutes after the break when Bobby Fisher headed home a Grant Collins cross.
Bobby Fisher headed the opener in 57 minutes and Grant Collins rifled in a second 10 minutes later.