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United States chess master

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Bobby Fischer Against the World (Netflix): A documentary about how Fischer lived as a recluse for two decades and spent time in jail.
An accompanying letter of provenance from Stojnic's son states that Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Tigran Petrosyan, Svetozar Gligoric and other professional chess players were regular visitors to Stojnic's home in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Garbus' HBO-produced film traces the rise and fall of Bobby Fischer, former world chess champion who is widely regarded as the greatest chess player of all time.
Bobby Fischer Against the World:To many, Bobby Fischer will always be the world's greatest chess player, but his talent is often overshadowed by his sensational legacy.
I was fascinated by his Mark Twain-like adventures through the Prospect Park woodlands; his trips to the Brooklyn Riviera, which was Coney Island in the 1950s; his descriptions of the ecstatic reactions of Brooklynites to their home team winning the World Series in 1955; and his escapades in and out of the hallowed halls of Erasmus Hall High School, the alma mater of Barbra Streisand, chess-wiz Bobby Fischer, and Neil Diamond.
Genius: American chess player Bobby Fischer pictured in 1971.
AS a teenager, Bobby Fischer became one of the dominant forces in world chess, winning tournaments with dazzling skill that would eventually lead him to take the World Championship title from the Russian player Boris Spassky.
Tambien Susana Rinaldi, Duke Ellington, Quino, Bobby Fischer, Roberto Goyeneche y Astor Piazzola, asi como calles de ciudades historicas.
The other book is about the insane genius Bobby Fischer, the former world champion in Chess.
The Chess Boards on the Hayes THE chess boards on the Hayes have square seats, concrete and aesthetic yet stand forlorn in the warm sunshine with a plastic cup instead of pawns and rooks for no-one pretends to be Bobby Fischer or the mighty Kasparov today yet tomorrow we will play, you and I oblivious to shoppers passing by.
Johns University, is also the author of several biographies, including the first biography of Bobby Fischer, Profile of a Prodigy (1965).
World champions like Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov are discussed, as is the recent influx of women players.
End Game: Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall--From America's Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness" is a biography of famed Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer, following his prodigy status at a young age to his increasingly bizarre political moves, paranoia, and international status as time rolled on.
The remains of Bobby Fischer, the former international chess champion who died in 2008, are to be exhumed to determine whether he is the father of a nine-year-old girl in the Philippines.
El monstruoso, imbatible e intratable Bobby Fischer logro que el ajedrez, cuya narrativa corria a la zaga de las Grandes Tramas del deporte y la competencia, ocupara un lugar central, protagonico.