Bobby Fischer

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United States chess master

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Bobby Fischer showed that whether something is a "sport" or not doesn't matter, if it's brilliant, meaningful, riveting competition.
Bobby Fischer plays the Alekhine Defence, not seen much now even at club level.
It will be a "remake" of the classic East versus West Cold War era chess encounter between America's best chess champion Bobby Fischer and Soviet grand master Spassky.
Paul Truong, director of marketing for Texas Tech's Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence has said that Kuljasevic, who is a finance graduate from Croatia, now has the same ranking as legendary players Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov and Knight Raiders head coach Susan Polgar.
THE remains of chess genius Bobby Fischer are to be exhumed - to determine if he was the father of a nine-yearold girl.
1972: Bobby Fischer beats Boris Spassky to become World Chess Champion.
He was named the winner when his opponent Bobby Fischer failed to show up.
CONTROVERSIAL former world chess champion Bobby Fischer has died at the age of 64 in his adopted home of Iceland.
On a giant board, Stallings showed the students a move-by-move account of the legendary 1972 championship match between American Bobby Fischer and Russian Boris Spassky.
chess legend Bobby Fischer will be released and allowed to leave for Iceland on Thursday following an eight-month detention in Japan over an alleged passport violation and a fight against deportation to the United States, his lawyer and supporters said Wednesday.
Montenegro, the smaller partner in the Serbia and Montenegro union, is ready to accept former world chess champion Bobby Fischer if his asylum request is rejected by Japan, Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic said Monday.
CHESS grandmaster Bobby Fischer plans to appeal for the right to stay in Japan - and avoid a lengthy jail sentence back home.
US/JAPAN Former world chess champion, Bobby Fischer, has been arrested in Japan, capping more than a decade-long hunt by US authorities.
Grown to an unprecedented $255,000 pot, $25,000 is slotted for the winner -- a far cry from 1966 when Bobby Fischer took home only $2,500 after winning his record-breaking eighth US title.
Liz Garbus' documentary explores the life of American chess world champion Bobby Fischer for whom genius and madness stood next to each other like pieces on a board.