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United States film actor who frequently plays tough characters (born 1943)


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Not cheap, then, but all of the food was of superior quality - especially my New Yorker, a Bobby De Niro belter that was so big I needed a rest before polishing it off.
And once again it's Vincent Cassel, here exuding the same kind of ticking timebomb aura as the young Bobby De Niro in Mean Streets, who makes the biggest impact, playing a Jewish skinhead desperate to kill a cop to earn respect from his peers.
Fallon compounded his problems by selecting Bobby De Niro to be his first interview, which is akin to inviting Rush Limbaugh to Havana.
My top picks would be Bobby De Niro, Pam Ayres and the Grumbleweeds.
All he would say is: "I've worked with so many great performers, so many legends - from Bob Hope to Bobby De Niro - that it just wouldn't be fair to pick the single best celebrity I've ever worked with.
In 1996 Miramax and Bobby de Niro's Tribeca Films acquired the movie rights in 1996, and director Spike Lee was months into the casting process, when Miramax halted the project reportedly due to budgetary issues.