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a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound


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PHOTO : the yarn/wire bobbins on the deck in order to maximize the speeds according to the bobbin
They can arise when bobbins with slightly different colors are mixed up during the winding process, or the fiber blend of the differently colored fibers change over a certain length.
This machine is designed to perform the same tasks as the 'classic' Salmoiraghi automatic Doffers, namely, travelling to the required locations in front of the winders, doffing the yarn bobbins from the winders and transferring the doffed bobbins to the next machine in the automated handling chain.
Epcos needed a halogen-free FR compound for coil bobbins (photo).
Some of the new poppy-seed-sized parts being molded today include gears and gear housings, hearing aids, molded interconnect devices (MIDs), bobbins, switches, sensors, lenses, catheters, gaskets, rollers, and optic components.
This device allows the user to set and constantly adjust online the tension of each ply entering the intermingling process, thus avoiding the continual interventions of the operator to manually adjust the tension of each feed ply and to solve nowadays problems of irregular tension during feed bobbins unwinding.
Where extreme accuracy is needed for molding small parts such as electronic connectors and bobbins, Niigata Engineering Co.
It takes only three minutes for the Marzoli machine to change the full bobbins with empty tubes, undertake automatic piecing of the rovings and restart.
New Verton lubricated long-fiber nylons for gears, beatings, and coil bobbins are available from LNP Engineering Plastics.
The machine on display will be a freestanding fully automated one, provided with new features to process bobbins produced by ring frames not equipped with automatic doffing device.