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United States chemist honored for synthesizing complex organic compounds (1917-1979)

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HONOURED Barry McGuigan and Sue Johnston with Bob Woodward
Caption: The New York City Chapter of CoreNet Global's (CoreNet NYC) Programs Committee recently welcomed two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Bob Woodward to host "The Age of the American Presidency--What Will 2017 Bring?" Woodward, who has authored 18 bestselling books, has dedicated his career to unlocking the secrets of the presidency, from Nixon through Obama, as well as exploring centers of power in Washington.
1973: The Washington Post won the Pulitzer Prize for the work of its reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in exposing the Watergate scandal.
He provides a convincing explanation of why Mark Felt--famously described as "Deep Throat" by the Washington Post's investigative team of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein--leaked information about the FBI investigation.
NEW YORK -- A publishing fixture will be missing from this fall's election season: A new Bob Woodward book.
Even author Bob Woodward has jumped in, crossing the stage like some Greek chorus in ancient Athens to announce periodically who's been "moving the goal posts." But make no mistake, this is a genuine watershed event for Washington--and Obama.
The book is Obama's Wars , authored by Pulitzer prize- winning journalist Bob Woodward, who first made journalism history when he broke the Watergate scandal along with Carl Bernstein, leading to the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974.
In a letter to Obama, Wolf cited noted investigative journalist Bob Woodward Bob Woodward's new revelations regarding the infusion of political calculations into the formation of the administration's Afghanistan strategy as evidence of a flawed process on a paramount matter of national security.
Bob Woodward, HSE lead inspector for the Buncefield investigation, said: "We have served improvement notices on TAV to ensure the correct safety instructions are supplied.
Kayhan said this was written "recently" by Brant "in his memoirs." This story, however, dates back to at least July 2001 in an article written by a Pakistani, Liaquat Raza, who says Brant was "the right-hand man to Bob Woodward, former chief of the CIA." (Woodward is a Washington Post writer and never headed the CIA.) Raza says Brant revealed the $900 million plot in an interview given for the book, "A Plan to Divide and Destroy the Theology." A check on shows no such book.
Mark Felt died in his sleep on Thursday at a hospice in California, Bob Woodward, one of the Post journalists who exposed the Watergate affair, said on Friday.
The advice given by Deep Throat to Bob Woodward during the Watergate investigation is part of the legend of the most famous anonymous source in the history of journalism.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki recently learned he was being spied upon by Washington, thanks Bob Woodward's latest book The War Within.