iron maiden

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instrument of torture consisting of a hollow iron frame shaped like the human body and lined with spikes to impale the victim

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Bob Sawyer on the advisability of bleeding the company generally, as an improving little bit of professional practice--it was at this very moment, that a face, head, and shoulders, emerged from beneath the water, and disclosed the features and spectacles of Mr.
Bob Sawyer very justly observed, that there is nothing like hot punch in such cases; and that if ever hot punch did fail to act as a preventive, it was merely because the patient fell into the vulgar error of not taking enough of it.
Bob Sawyer, thrusting his forefinger between two of Mr.
Bob Sawyer; 'I'm going to have a few medical fellows that night.'
Bob Sawyer had informed him that he meant to be very cosy, and that his friend Ben was to be one of the party, they shook hands and separated.
The last race, the Broke Chase, was won by Bob Sawyer, under George Lyall.
"My coach, Bob Sawyer, kind of took me in like a second son.
They would do well to consider the words of Bob Sawyer, whose granddaughter died after a collision involving a banned driver.
Bob Sawyer, 58, of Ashington, whose granddaughter, Rebecca was killed on December 31, 2002 by disqualified driver Ian Carr, who had 89 previous convictions, said he had lost faith in the judicial system.
Her brother, Benjamin Allen, wants his sister to marry his friend Bob Sawyer, but Arabella rejects her brother's choice.
The last race, the pounds 36 Broke Chase, was won by outsider-of-four Bob Sawyer, ridden by George Lyall.
Bob Sawyer, 60, who lives with his wife Linda in Ashington, said: "Accidents do happen.
Today Rebecca's grandfather Bob Sawyer, 57, from Ashington, welcomed the new charges.
DIFFERENCES: Far left, Bob Sawyer with grandchild Kirsty.
Bob Sawyer, grandad of six-year-old Rebecca Sawyer, pictured, killed by a drink driver on New Year's Eve 2002, says: