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Canadian hockey player (born 1948)


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P&GJ posed some questions about the results to Bob Orr, a director with Mercer Management Consulting in Houston.
Three Mercer consultants--Eric Nelson, Bob Orr and Robin Sahota--have identified what constitutes effective site operations and have created a practical framework that executives can use to evaluate and improve the customer's experience in their stores.
ITEM: New Environmental Protection Agency regulations, reported the CBS Evening News on November 22nd, would "reduce clean air standards." Commented correspondent Bob Orr: "The rollback of clean air rules is a bonanza for hundreds of the nation's oldest and dirtiest power plants.
Spokesperson Bob Orr doesn't think NewHomeNetwork will miss out on buyers who are shopping primarily by neighborhood or school district.
Referee Bob Orr lost patience, and while keeper Westwater was still lining up the wall, Charnley craftily floated the ball high into the far corner.