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United States athlete who won Olympic gold medals in the decathlon (born in 1930)

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"I said to Ashton at the end, 'Bob Mathias, David Thompson, Ashton Eaton ...
"We knew then," said Eugene, "he could just do anything athletic." At Tulare High School Bob Mathias became the star of the football, basketball, and track teams.
Then Bob Mathias broke the hearts of Trojans everywhere, scoring two touchdowns, including a spectacular 96-yard kickoff return, to give Stanford a 27-20 victory.
6.Athletics: At which age did Bob Mathias become the youngest man to win an Olympic gold medal?
Athletics: In which event was Bob Mathias a double Olympic champion?
Among the other stars was American teenager Bob Mathias, who won the decathlon to become the youngest winner of a men's Olympic athletics event.
For the Americans, the seventeen-year-old Bob Mathias won the decathlon as the youngest-ever winner of an Olympic athletics gold medal, and the men's 100 metres was won by Harrison Dillard, who equalled the Olympic record of 10.3 seconds.
Bob Arnold, of Guild at the bottler's convention; Kirby Anderson, also of Guild, as winner of the Vintners Golf Tourney; Lee Peters of Valley Foundry; Irv Marcus of Wines & Vines; Bob Mathias of Olympic fame; Jeff Peyser of W.
Bob Mathias, also of the US, became the youngest man when he won the first of his two decathlon crowns in London 1948, aged 17 years and 263 days.
There have even been four prep athletes who won individual gold medals for the U.S., though the last of those was Bob Mathias in the decathlon in 1948.