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Jamaican singer who popularized reggae (1945-1981)

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The late reggae legendary Bob Marley was born on 6 February 1945.
Bob Marley embodied everything we would like to promote for reggae month: he was about peace, love and bringing people together through his music, regardless of race or gender," Mbugua said.
Maroon 5 said, 'Bob Marley is one of the greatest artists in the history of music; he is truly a genius, so we were excited to be given the opportunity to cover 'Three Little Birds' for Hyundai's new campaign.'
68 billion times.During his lifetime, Bob Marley was never recognised with a Grammy nomination but in 2001 he was honoured with The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
The T-shirt does not mention Bob Marley or show a picture of him, or feature the Rastafarian colours red, yellow and green.
The observant researchers later described these spiders as the species new to science and were quickly associated their emergence with Bob Marley and his song 'High Tide or Low Tide'.
Bob Marley The line-up will include famed bassist and founder Aston "Familyman" Barrett - and original Wailers band members.
A shared love of Bob Marley makes for a good start.
So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley
Mitchell Brunings is a reggae singer born in Surinam, South America and raised in the Netherlands, who shot to fame on The Voice of Holland with his version of Bob Marley's Redemption Song.
The "Bob Marley filter" was criticized by users for giving the effect of a blatant "digital blackface."
Together with the legendary Bob Marley, the Wailers have sold in excess of 250 million albums worldwide.
The late Egyptian diplomat took the interview with a smile, finishing with a fist-bump and a glowing Bob Marley endorsement: "Put down your gun and listen to Bob Marley!"
Summary: Ahead of its headlining act at Taste of Abu Dhabi, the band talks Bob Marley and what's in store at the gig
The famous reggae band, which came together with Bob Marley in 1969, have announced 12 UK gigs at which they will perform iconic album Legend in its entirety.