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United States comedian (born in England) who appeared in films with Bing Crosby (1903-2003)

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The Military Tribute to Bob Hope (see November 2002 VFW) is on schedule, and construction should start soon in San Diego.
In 1994, his TV special, "Bob Hope: The First 90 Years," won an Emmy; the U.S.
Ladbrokes' Brad Barry said: "We didn't take anywhere near as much on the Bob Hope as we did last year, and Abu Dhabi attracted more business.
I spoke to Bob Hope for 20 minutes and just stared, looking at him with my gob open.
Last weekend, extracts from The Secret Life Of Bob Hope suddenly appeared.
Bob Hope was the sort of comedian you could take your mum to see with perfect ease.
IRISH stars of TV and radio lined up yesterday to pay tribute to legend-ary comedian Bob Hope who died on Sunday aged 100.
TRIBUTES have poured in for legendary comedian Bob Hope, who died yesterday aged 100.
The majority of the cargo for the 101st Airborne Division's first brigade combat team departed Jacksonville aboard just two ships--the USNS Dahl and the USNS Bob Hope. Each of these Large, Medium-Speed, Roll-on/Roll-off vessels, known as LMSRs, is two to three times the size of the largest vessels available in Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
Comic Bob Hope will celebrate his centenary with a Hollywood flyover of Second World War planes - and more of the jokes that made him a superstar.
Bob Hope, whose 100th birthday is next month, was too frail to attend the rededication of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Plans are currently under way for a tribute to legendary comedian Bob Hope in recognition of his efforts for U.S.
Bosses of United Service Orgnaisations (USO) - which has staged war zone celebrity tours ever since Bob Hope's frontline forays - reckon Ozzy is a tonic for the troops.
Once she went to Bob Hope's 80th birthday party, and that skin was pulled so tight, you could count all her teeth." 10 Shirley MacLaine 11 Rock Hudson: "One day I had this book for him to sign.