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Synonyms for bullet

a high-speed passenger train


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(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity

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Prior to this decade, federal laws regulating trailer length would have precluded a device like the aerodynamic boat tail, Bilanin says.
Sierra's 150-grain Spitzer Boat Tail is a good all-around bullet, and the Hawkeye really took to it, regularly punching small groups; Hybrid 100V and IMR 4831 were the standouts here.
Sierra redesigned their 90 grain MatchKing boat tail bullet intended primarily for AR-15s used in Service, Match, and Palma rifle competition.
Abreviations: CMX, Gilding Metal expanding; IB, InterBond; SST, Super Shock Tipped; TS-X, Triple-Shock X; HP, Hollow Point; BT, Boat Tail; FB, Flat Base; OAL, overall length.
Sierra's new 6.8mm SPC, 270 caliber rifle bullet features a .277" diameter 115-grain hollowpoint Boat Tail for informal target shooting and plinking at short to medium distances.
The Roadster shares the Coup's stunning rear view with a tapered, 'boat tail' appearance that emphasises the car's 19in rear wheels plus a retractable spoiler that activates when the car reaches 60mph.
The latter takes into account whether the bullet has a blunt or sharp point, a flat base or a boat tail and other such characteristics.
boat tail match bullet, a 60-grain SP and a new 68-gr.
I have been testing the newly redesigned Sierra with Berger 90 grain Match Boat Tail and Sierra's new bullet appears to be blow-up proof.
This .284-inch diameter projectile has a longer ogive, smaller meplat and improved boat tail for improved downrange energy and accuracy, while reducing wind-drift.
It seemed to shoot best with a Remington Premier Boat Tail load featuring 190-grain pointed soft points.
More exciting news is the A/MAX swaged lead core, boat tail 750-grain bullet for 50 BMG shooters who, when they really reach out to touch something, don't want to spend a mortgage payment for solid machined projectiles.
This allows about 2,600 fps of muzzle velocity with the 20" barrels and about 2,700 fps with the 26" barrels using Berger 90 grain Boat Tail Match bullets and easily hold a supersonic velocity to 1,000 yards.
The 174-grain, boat tail, plated steel jacket, military bullet looks ever so much like a custom "low drag" design.