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Synonyms for bullet

Synonyms for bullet

a high-speed passenger train


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(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity

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The optimum boat tail length proved to be two metres.
Aerodynamic boat tails may have to be customized for each design, they say.
A maintenance-free boat tail 90 grain bullet arrived from Sierra in 2005.
5x55 hunting round loaded with a 180-grain semi-pointed, boat tail bullet.
Before my hog hunt, I was able to obtain five-shot groups with Remington Premier Boat Tail 165-grain loads of just under 1.
More exciting news is the A/MAX swaged lead core, boat tail 750-grain bullet for 50 BMG shooters who, when they really reach out to touch something, don't want to spend a mortgage payment for solid machined projectiles.
10,000 each of 223 caliber, new factory, 55 grain, boat tail hollow point, remington, federal, hornady.
I'll also cover long seated ammo with 80 and 90 grain boat tail bullets used for single-fed slow fire events, though the techniques can be adapted for magazine-fed ammunition.
This worked quite well with any bullet featuring at least a minimal boat tail, but required some finesse and fidgeting with the loading lever when fiat base bullets were being loaded.
It paid off though, culminating in seven calibers and 12 new bullets in flat base and boat tail designs.
When Berger and I were brain storming the idea of a reliable 90 grain boat tail bullet, one point of early agreement between us was that it needed to have a thick jacket to avoid the blow up fate of the thin jacket Sierras.
Abbreviations: BT, Ballistic Tip; TS-X Triple-Shock X; TTSX-BT, Tipped Triple-Shock Boat Tail; GS, Grand Slam; IB, InterBond; IL BTSR Interlock Boat Tail Soft Point; HPBT, Hollow Point Boat Tail, COL, Cartridae Overall Lenoth.
The classic aerodynamic Sierra boat tail shape is crafted from carefully selected and alloyed components for maximum performance in the field.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Boat Tail Anodizing from Trade of Boat Tail Machined to Drg No.