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Synonyms for boast



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Synonyms for boast

to talk with excessive pride

to have at one's disposal

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Synonyms for boast

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Carl Schurz's Reminiscences of Carl Schurz, published in 1907, carefully illustrates the centrality of slavery to sectional discord and secession: "The secessionists had set up an independent confederacy, not to vindicate the constitutional liberty of the citizens and the right of man to govern himself, but to vindicate the right of one man to enslave another man, and, as they themselves boastingly confessed, to found an empire upon the cornerstone of slavery."
And to carry on this way not only repeatedly but boastingly? The answer is no.
Anti-Catholic literature of the time is full of Roman Catholic characters openly admitting their sins, a habit granted to them not only as a means to reveal secret crimes but also to suggest the brazen and even boastingly sinful nature of the "minions of the Pope." Finally, even if there were compelling evidence that Bale wishes audiences to muse on the "the ambivalent potential of sedition," one must simply wonder at what point in viewing this angry, insistent, and self-righteous work Bale thought audiences might stop to meditate upon such ambiguities.