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a long thin fluffy scarf of feathers or fur


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The order to show cause alleged that from 2003 to 2007 Boas submitted claims for insurance payments to Horizon for chiropractic services he did not provide.
Although boa constrictors are a species related to sand boas, they are in a different subfamily, called Boinae, along with anacondas.
"As the BOA program matures, more and more communities are developing cooperative plans to guide future development," said NPCR executive director Jody Kass.
Mark works at a UK paper mill and was the lucky 500th BOAS trainee and received a 'thank you' gift pack from Spirax Sarco on the completion of his training.
Boas is perhaps proudest of the recent addition of a master's program for foreign scholars at the law school and establishing a visiting professorship from his alma mater Harvard.
Boas knows his subjects as well as Atget knew the rues and environs of Paris.
Kalathil and Boas derive their argument from analyzing eight authoritarian countries with varied strategies for controlling the Internet.
Gary Lee Boas's career as a photographer has really clicked.
Hurston, apparently affectionately, referred to Boas as "Papa Franz," which is apt in so far as he had established a patriarchal authority over early American anthropology which can hardly be underestimated.
A family in Florida had a surprise guest bunking in their house for a few years: a six-foot long boa constrictor.
Boas has an eye for the moment in all its disorienting actuality, the wrongness of his signifiers signifying the incongruity of what he sees.
Steve Boas feared for his life as the boy thrust the weapon through the open window of his cab.
That is just the necessary starting point, although it is hard to believe even his bruising exit from SW6 will harm Villas Boas' sense of his own self worth.
As things stand, according to sources, Villas Boas is likely to remain in charge of Saturday's fifth-round FA Cup tie at home to Birmingham City with next Tuesday's Champions League tie away to Napoli also looming.