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a long thin fluffy scarf of feathers or fur


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With the distribution of herbal teas under the Celestial Seasonings brand, Boas recently entered the health food market.
This is important to all of Mexico and the fans of Necaxa,'' Boas said.
Boas, the InterLiga MVP, topped the tournament scoring list with four goals.
The boy pursued the taxi because Mr Boas had radioed for help after seeing him walking down the street in Splott, Cardiff, with the crossbow.
3) Bette Midler dragged a big boa to the 1994 Emmy Awards.
I applaud the fact that Angus Johnson, owner of Alissss, the 7 1/2-foot boa, came forward and is trying to do the right thing and make amends to Flossie Torgerson over the loss of Babette.
Known as the "area-wide" approach to community revitalization, the BOA program developed in New York, has become a national model of economic revitalization in communities struggling with multiple brownfields, disinvestment and decay.
Boas and his teammates celebrated the goal that secured the Mexican soccer club's spot in South America's prestigious tournament, the Copa Libertadores, with a 1-0 win over Jaguares of Chiapas in the first of two InterLiga finals at The Home Depot Center.
Boas argue in their fascinating and extremely useful new book, Open Networks, Closed Regimes, that shouldn't surprise.
Gary Boas does not consider himself an artist, although he might be a kind of outsider artist.
Out among the stars, paparazzo Gary Boas has seen it all
Officials said boas are able to climb straight up brick walls or over chain-link fences like the ones in West Hills where the 74-year-old Torgerson has raised her family since 1964.
An X-ray revealed the creepy, crawly - and very illegal - contents: 61 Madagascan tree boas and four spider tortoises.
While boas bite, squeeze and suffocate their prey, they do not attack humans, which they can sense are far larger than they are, White said.
Boas can live up to 30 years in captivity, usually on a diet of mice, rats and chicks.