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Synonyms for boar

Old World wild swine having a narrow body and prominent tusks from which most domestic swine come

an uncastrated male hog

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The next instant, with clashing tusks, the boar drove past underneath.
With a knife that hung at his side he cut several large pieces from the boar's body, and in the center of the trail he built a fire, cooking and eating as much as he wanted.
But who was Kulonga that he might not be eaten as fairly as Horta, the boar, or Bara, the deer?
The coffee-room at the Blue Boar was empty, and I had not only ordered my dinner there, but had sat down to it, before the waiter knew me.
He cut the boar's throat as he spoke, whereon Talthybius whirled it round his head, and flung it into the wide sea to feed the fishes.
I love thee, my sweet chuck, and gin I go not with thee to that same Blue Boar thou mayst call me a heathen."
But here we are at the Sign of the Blue Boar, so let us in and taste his brown October."
No sweeter inn could be found in all Nottinghamshire than that of the Blue Boar. None had such lovely trees standing around, or was so covered with trailing clematis and sweet woodbine; none had such good beer and such humming ale; nor, in wintertime, when the north wind howled and snow drifted around the hedges, was there to be found, elsewhere, such a roaring fire as blazed upon the hearth of the Blue Boar.
Mighty and muscled as was the young giant, it yet would have appeared but the maddest folly for him to face so formidable a creature as Horta, the boar, armed only with a slender hunting knife.
Tarzan of the Apes waited until the upcut of a wicked tusk would have laid open his thigh, then he moved--just the least bit to one side; but so quickly that lightning was a sluggard by comparison, and as he moved, he stooped low and with all the great power of his right arm drove the long blade of his father's hunting knife straight into the heart of Horta, the boar. A quick leap carried him from the zone of the creature's death throes, and a moment later the hot and dripping heart of Horta was in his grasp.
Sequence type and virulence associated gene profile of the Streptococcus suis serotype 2 strains isolated from wild boars and humans in metropolitan area of Barcelona, Spain, 2012-2015 * Source Year Clinical infection Human male, 57 y of age 2012 Meningitis, arthritis, bacteremia Human male, 48 y of age 2014 Meningitis, arthritis Wild boar 2015 No Wild boar 2015 No Wild boar 2015 No Virulence genes Source MLST mrp ef sly References Human male, 57 y of age ST3 + + + (10) Human male, 48 y of age ST1 + + + This study Wild boar ST1 + + + This study Wild boar ST1 + + + This study Wild boar ST1 + + + This study * MLST, multilocus sequence typing; ST, sequence type.
The wild boar that went on a rampage at a mosque in Sungai Plong, Selangor was likely maddened after being hit by a vehicle, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) said.
According to the trail camera, one or both of the big boars had been hitting the muddy slop in daylight the last three days in a row.
German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt has rejected a plea from the farming association to refrain from imposing an export ban if African swine fever was identified in wild boars, saying Germany was not in a position to bypass EU rules.
With a number of forests and national parks spread across Sri Lanka, wild boars and monkeys among other animals would often journey from the forest to the urban areas and cause a threat to human life and infrastructure.