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a private house that provides accommodations and meals for paying guests

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No student is given completely free education, but the poor students are able to take benefit of the facilities of this boarding house because they pay fee only in proportion to the economic condition of their families.
And it was in the basements of these boarding houses in Birkenhead and Liverpool that Tip built furnaces for the production of opium.
Moreover, the accommodation capacity of rural boarding houses is even smaller--just 3% in 2008.
The statement released by the school said: "Two pupils are being interviewed by police after a fight broke out in one of the boys' boarding houses.
Even though he had changed his spending habits, moved away from boarding houses near St.
MI5 drew up secret wartime plans to hide some of its best agents in a series of boarding houses in north Wales in the event of a Nazi invasion, according to files made public for the first time today.
Boarding houses are run by married house-parents and each pupil has a tutor responsible for maintaining a proper balance between work and play as well as being available for pastoral concerns.
In Toronto they lived in the Ward and in Jewish boarding houses where a common language dispelled some of the loneliness.
Pupils occupy boarding houses as in the English system, but house groups are smaller, each with only 8-10 pupils.
In the fall of 1996, Rodger Hunter began a ministry among thousands in Toronto who make their homes in boarding houses. After drifting away from the church when he was 16, Rodger had found his way back in his late 20s and began to volunteer in several inner-city missions, including Evangel Hall.
The school has seven distinctive and comfortable boarding houses, that cater to students from ages 13 (Year 9+), and offers dedicated boarding houses for the Sixth Form.
Parts of neighboring resorts and boarding houses were damaged.
A teenager has left a top public school after a makeshift bomb was discovered at one of the school's boarding houses.
81) Women worked in domestic and personal service, including casas de asistencia (boarding houses), followed in importance by agriculture, manufacturing, and light industry.