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Jungwirth says the Forest Service can't even guarantee to deliver the i million board-feet she needs to keep her operation going for a year.
Collins' 94,000-acre mixed conifer Almanor Forest in northeastern California has produced 30 million board-feet a year for 50 years without clearcuts or herbicides.
Wilkinson figures on an annual allowable cut of 67,000 board-feet per year, and every fiv years he cuts about 500,000 board-feet of top-quality timber, currently bringin him as much as $64.
Thus at one site where the canopy was too thick to admit the needed light, he took out 5,000 board-feet of cedar that made a good sale for him and at the same time benefited the forest.
The company's selective timber harvests, and occasional clearcuts and replanting, are part of an ongoing program to sustain a cut of approximately 40 million board-feet a year on its property (figuring a three- to four-percent annual growth-and-cut rate), which gives you sustained-growth forestry-- the real thing.
Several of the platforms could be connected to form rafts as much as 48 feet wide by 160 feet long and containing 180,000 board-feet of lumber.
Kinsey also pictures a Sitka spruce that produced an astounding 56,650 board-feet of lumber.
The saplings are among the millions of board-feet nationwide destined to become polished poles occupying the place of honor in traditional Japanese homes.
7 billion board-feet of timber is down, along with 20 million cords of pulpwood.
Price fluctuations in the chip market also have escalated the price of sawlog-quality alder, from less than $190 per 1,000 board-feet in 1988 to as much as $260 in the fall of 1989, which is what Bailey's company was offering for 12-to 14-inch logs in 24-to 40-foot lengths, scaled and delivered to the Port Angeles harbor.
5 billion board-feet of timber harvested from the National Forests that year.
After 48 years of uninterrupted logging, Collins Pine Company's Chester tract is producing a steady 35 million board-feet of timber a year.