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a room where a committee meets (such as the board of directors of a company)

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7, visitors to Alaska's Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles board Rooms will also enjoy expanded hours.
Hoffman, who is still an associate director at Coventry, was also told by City's hierarchy that he was unwelcome in the board room, and he and his ten-year-old son Nathan also joined the Sky Blue faithful who were in full voice behind Andy Thorn's side who drew 2-2 in their opening pre-season friendly.
Day passes for the board rooms cost USD45 and one year memberships start from USD295, depending on the mileage plans and elite-tier status and first time membership includes a USD100 initiation fee which is waived for Gold members and discounted for Mileage Plan MNPs.
The Anchorage Board Room will be open for four to six hours longer per day than its current schedule, from June 11, 2011.
But a good board room is an oasis of calm, at least of the conceptual variety.
HEXA-2 Virtual Board Room Live "VBRL" is designed for live meetings," said Ahmad Moradi, Ph.
Our digital writing solutions and Print on Demand provide the fastest and most significant opportunity for user adoption while supporting all of the back office benefits of collaborative technology allowing stake holders, IT professionals, and the Board Room to boast success.
Opening Ceremony of the Science Board Room was held on 24th October 2016 at 03.
Last month, the board cut short a meeting after about 100 teachers and supporters showed up in protest of the impasse but couldn't all fit inside the board room.
Odyssey's headquarters was designed to support the complete operational needs of today's fast moving corporation, and includes a separate executive suite with board room, executive dining room, private restrooms, and private offices, and it includes an abundance of large windowed offices, storage, and file areas.
But, then again, this occurred during a time period where HP seems to have made other unfortunate decisions," she said, apparently referencing the board room spying scandal and HP's alleged espionage against rival Dell Inc.
Tenders are invited for board room audio & video services.
PEARBLOSSOM - Keppel Union School District trustees cut short a meeting after about 100 teachers and supporters showed up in protest of stalled contract negotiations but couldn't all fit inside the board room.
The presentation will take place in New York City at 270 Park Avenue, 50th Floor Board Room.