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a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution

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US-based drug discovery and development company Knopp Biosciences LLC has appointed Shane Kovacs to its board of managers, effective immediately, the company said.
Aptuit, a company that provides a set of integrated early discovery to mid-phase drug development services in the pharmaceutical industry, announced yesterday that it has named Peter Gray as its chairman of the company's Board of Managers.
Amerijet LLC has appointed Neel Jones Shah to its board of managers to help the company fulfill its strategic growth objectives and operational goals, the company said.
It was awarded to Frank Conti, Enterprise Lighting Sales, member, Board of Managers, member of the Finance Committee, History Committee, two-time Section president, who has served on many committees and supported many programs as a member of the section.
To her right is Doug Pruss, retiring from the Board of Managers after 33 years.
In addition to Gardaphe's leadership, iCap is guided by a Board of Managers comprised by a representative from each iCap partner.
Bryant joined the YMCA in 1973 and later became a member of the board of managers.
PHILADELPHIA -- AmQuip's Board of Managers today approved the promotion of Frank Bardonaro, Jr.
15 June 2016 - US-based insurance holding company Prepared Holdings, LLC's board of managers authorised a review of strategic alternatives for the company, the company said.
Andrea currently serves on the Board of Managers at Timber Ridge Condominiums in Mt.
As daunting (perhaps ludicrous) as it may sound, your long-term task is to clear a path for some of these multi-pierced, hell-bound, hormone-driven, not-necessarily-all-that-reformed whippersnappers about whom you write to one day get onto the Board of Managers (or the Session) in your church.
Board of Managers Adopts 2009 Omnibus Incentive Compensation Plan
The second seminar in the series, Condominium Law in New York State, will furnish participants with an understanding of the essential condominium documents, common elements and expenses, and the powers of the Board of Managers and the obligations of unit owners.
Manner has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Managers of Rio Vista GP LLC ("Rio Vista GP"), the general partner of Rio Vista.
The Board of Managers of Limbach Holdings LLC today announced that Charles A.
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