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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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What the Board of Aldermen did on February 17 was to add abortion to the city's discrimination ordinance.
But certain details, and even broader questions of administration, could not be attended to by the Board of Aldermen, who served without remuneration and had no technical qualifications.
But the board of aldermen was opposed to that idea.
Historically, New Haven has had a strong mayor and a weak board of aldermen, and by 2011, DeStefano, who'd been in office for 18 years, had overstayed his welcome.
The deal became effective on 11 November but would have to be approved by at least two-thirds of the city's Board of Aldermen and by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, Pennichuck said in a statement.
Michael Johnson, NBC-LEO second vice president and councilmember, Phoenix; Sergio Rodriguez, HELO first vice president and alderman, New Haven; and Tomas Reyes, president, Board of Aldermen, New Haven.
The Corinth Board of Aldermen recently agreed to apply for $305,180 in federal stimulus money to locate a training center on the college's local campus.
The Fraziers make their home in Senatobia where Blake is the defensive coordinator for the Northwest Mississippi Community College football program, and Penny is the owner of Penny's Pantry and serves on the city's board of aldermen.
At the same time, Bill DeWallet (thank you, Bernie Miklasz, for the year's finest sports nickname) and his Cardinal cohorts will soon be lobbying the city and its Board of Aldermen for relief.
Among the items of historical interest is a handwritten book containing meeting minutes of the Board of Aldermen going back to the very first meeting of that body.
Because of the community pressure that he generated, the Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance that made it possible to end lead poisoning in St.
The idea was to move away from the large, bicameral local legislative bodies of the late nineteenth century, with their plethora of independently elected executives and commissions, and to endorse a separation of powers between the executive (the strong mayor) and the legislative, the council, or board of aldermen.
Breaking from the distancing frontal angle that characterizes the other images, Sedgwick, Arkansas (Population 112), Board of Aldermen, May13, 2002.
The full board of aldermen will hear the proposal and either vote for or against adopting the measure.
Born and raised in North Carolina and an active member of the Democratic Party, in 1993 he ran for the board of aldermen in Carrboro and won.
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