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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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Louis Board of Aldermen meeting and against federal limits in a St Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed article, did not respond to several requests for comment.
MANCHESTER: The Manchester Board of Aldermen has given a boost to a $23 million Tru by Hilton hotel in the Millyard by approving a $3 million general obligation bond to be used to help cover cleanup costs associated with contaminated soil at the site.
However, the Arbiter reiterated his ruling and sent the sheriff to enforce the decision for reinstatement of Julia Caesar as president of the Board of Aldermen.
Having served as President of Atlanta's City Council (then called the Board of Aldermen) for eight years, I can recite many instances where the Council made the decisions that aided in smooth management of the City.
Louis board of aldermen in February to make the largest city in Missouri an Abortion Sanctuary City, pro-life Missouri Gov.
Ad valorem taxes are levied, without limitation as to time, rate or amount by the Board Of Aldermen.
Forty years earlier, under the direction of the Board of Aldermen, departments did not yet exist, but there were four committees, addressing by-laws, streets, assessments of property, and the danger from a burning heap of sawdust in Mangum's Lumber Yard.
Several members of the Board of Aldermen agreed, expressing concern that displaying "In God We Trust" would have a divisive effect on the local community.
It provided for a mayor, a common council and a board of aldermen. It was approved by the voters on March 18, the election was held on April 8, and on April 17, former Gov.
In 2011, union-backed candidates won a veto-proof majority on the city's Board of Aldermen. Within months, the board adopted policies that reintegrated the police department into the city's communities and persuaded large employers to begin hiring New Haven residents when jobs fall open.
The deal became effective on 11 November but would have to be approved by at least two-thirds of the city's Board of Aldermen and by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, Pennichuck said in a statement.
Workshops included "The Browning of America" with guest speakers Carlos Silva, HELO president and president pro tempore, Bridgeport, Conn.; Michael Johnson, NBC-LEO second vice president and councilmember, Phoenix; Sergio Rodriguez, HELO first vice president and alderman, New Haven; and Tomas Reyes, president, Board of Aldermen, New Haven.
The Corinth Board of Aldermen recently agreed to apply for $305,180 in federal stimulus money to locate a training center on the college's local campus.
The Fraziers make their home in Senatobia where Blake is the defensive coordinator for the Northwest Mississippi Community College football program, and Penny is the owner of Penny's Pantry and serves on the city's board of aldermen.
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