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a board of the British government that administers and collects major direct taxes

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Chief executive, Valuation Office Agency and commissioner of Inland Revenue, HM Board of Inland Revenue. (London, N10) Peter Alan Shaw.
Deputy director, HM Board of Inland Revenue. (Buckinghamshire) John Stannard.
Head of Transport and Travel, HM Board of Inland Revenue. (Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire) Oliver Humphrey Baines.
It was also the study group on Nigeria Tax System and Administration (1992) headed by Professor Emmanuel Edozien which resulted in the establishment of FIRS as the operational arm of the Federal Board of Inland Revenue (FBIR) and setting up of Revenue Services at other tiers of Government (states and local governments).
'The Federal Board of Inland Revenue shall assess and collect from a company the tax imposed by this act.
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