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a board in charge of local public schools


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Though not yet approved by the Board of Ed, it looks like M-DCC will soon change its name to Miami-Dude College, to accommodate the school's new status as a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.
This is a positive partnership that is going to benefit children," said Fredda Plesser, Chief Executive of the Office of Corporate Partnerships at the New York City Board of Ed.
1MM Chicago Board of Ed Unlimited Tax GO Bnds, Ser 2000B) is effective today (Dec.
The retired tech entrepreneur and public school advocate wins confirmation as a member of the NH Board of Ed, dashing the hopes of charter school/voucher types and handing them an election issue at the very same time.
Kinnaman is taking an awful chance criticizing the open minded, progressive decision made by the Portland Board of Ed.
41MM Chicago Board of Ed ULT GO Rfdg Bnds, Ser 09B) is effective today (Dec.
In Brookfield, after the Board of Ed sets the budget, our boards of selectmen and finance get to review (read: cut) the budget before it is readied for town vote.
The assumptions that people are making about the Board of Ed situation is that the same situation is probably pervasive in all buildings," observed Peter L.
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