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a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution

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Reportedly, with reference to board meeting fees, Panostaja Oyj's AGM decided on 31 January 2019 that about 40% of the fee paid to a board member should be paid in accordance with the share issue authorisation given to the board by transferring company shares to each board member, unless a board member should already own more than one per cent of the total share capital on the date of the AGM.
When board member Naqvi appeared before the court, the chief justice asked him, 'Who are you?' To which, the board member responded, 'I was the union secretary of Islamia College.'
Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad has called for the resignation of DBKL advisory board members who were appointed by the previous BN administration, saying Kuala Lumpur MPs should sit on the board instead.
The New Governance Rules further provides under Article 11 (did not exist under the Repealed Governance Rules) for the duties and obligations of the Board Members which basically obligate Board Members to (i) preserve the Company's rights and act as a prudent person; (ii) act with honesty and integrity and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and the Company's articles of association; (iii) disclose being a Chairman, Board Member or a member of the Senior Executive Management of a company other than the Company itself; and (iv) dedicate sufficient time for his/her duties and obligations toward the Company.
* The board approved a professional development policy for all board members. An annual amount of $3000 per board member has been budgeted for and the money will not accumulate if not used.
Perhaps not surprisingly, board members' preferred orientation to time is often connected with their personalities and what they do for work.
Emerald People's Utility District Board members will have less travel money to spend next year after approving the utility's 2014 budget on Tuesday.
During a meeting on Tuesday September 10, which was held in the presence of all the company's board members, Yekkeh Zare was chosen as the new president and CEO of IKCO, the largest auto-manufacturer in the Middle-East.
Board members are appointed for an initial period of up to three years and can serve a maximum of six years.
We compensate board members more out of a sense of fairness than anything else," explained Lin Hodges, president/CEO of Associated Credit Union of Norcross, Ga.
As children or grandchildren of farmworkers and/or farmworker advocates throughout their professional careers, several of these board members serve as representatives of the farmworker population.
How not to be a terrible school board member; lessons for school administrators and board members.
"Half of our board has changed in two years," he said, explaining that the co-op members campaigned heavily in elections to replace board members who had been there for decades.