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a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution

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A board member can easily leave a corporate board if he or she decides that they no longer like the direction the company is heading, dislike the workload, or feels that their opinions are not being taken seriously.
The board approved a professional development policy for all board members.
The education of board members has become more critical," Cholmondeley imparts, attributing this change to corporate scandals such as those at Enron.
How often do board members actually get to see some of these people in situ--not just when they make presentations at board meetings when everyone's on his best behavior?
Several of the seven board members who attended the meeting were stunned to hear of the deadline -- and in some cases had no idea there was any problem in the first place.
A long interview may signify that board members are not fully satisfied with the information supplied in the board package.
Although every board's ultimate goal is to better the education its district offers students, cooperation and trust among board members and between the board and superintendent is the first step down that road.
The context for the study is a nationwide community of Cyber Groupies who work together as Editorial Board members of the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT), a project that started in 1999.
Stabilizing IABC's finances through sound management has been the number one accomplishment, board members say.
Most volunteer board members assume they face no real risk of major liability, but that isn't true.
A recommendation to build a new health facility in Kenora was announced by the hospital board members at a general meeting.
The problems led three board members to resign in late July.
But a new survey of the nation's school board members paints quite a different picture of those who have been elected to oversee the nation's public schools.