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a board that resembles a broad ski or a small surfboard

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glide down a snow-covered slope while standing on a board

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From this relatively simple test vehicle we will be able to begin the process of establishing quantitative values for power dissipation and power density of the resistor design as a function of the current and the board construction.
The requirements of temperature and time for pre-heat depend on the board construction, age and exposure to the atmosphere.
The reduced effective dielectric constant also yields a thickness reduction for FR-4 boards, thus allowing greater overall layer density, thinner board construction and reduced weight.
Medallion's Silverline offers the strength of u" furniture board construction, pocket-screwed and glued, with solid wood face frames, dovetailed hardwood drawers and an array of Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Knotty Alder and Oak doors.
Tenders are invited for Moduler Table Having Mdf Board Construction Size 1200 W X 600D X750h In Mm Table Top 25Mm Mdf Board With Pvc Edges Bending Table As Per Enclosed Drawing - Annexure - C
Embedded in fabrication planning is calculating panel size, checking layer stackup information, reviewing expected yields, reviewing board construction and verifying impedance control calculations.
The design of resistors depends on the current, which in turn determines their power requirements and the size and shape, all of which relates back to the board construction.
Meanwhile, mainstream low frequency circuit manufacturers were using glass-epoxy FR-4 material systems consisting of a laminate core material and a B-stage of the same resin system to achieve homogeneous multilayer circuit board construction in a flexible, cost-effective manner.
This decision upholding specific provisions of the School Board construction contract is the most comprehensive yet.
The final step is converting the resulting cross-sectional area to the final trace width, based on the thickness of copper used in the board construction.
Tenders are invited for Modular Table Having Mdf Board Construction Size Lxbxh In Mm 1500X650x750
FIGURE 2 is a detail of a standard printed circuit board construction.
New eco-friendly initiatives meant to lessen the environmental impact of the trade show, including wind credits to offset travel and pollution, organic muslin draping, bamboo and wheat board construction materials, low-VOC paints and stains, and increased recycling.
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