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Celtic goddess

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Dunn's creation of Boann is vivid and powerful and is perhaps one of the greatest strengths of this book.
Cows are mostly associated with goddess figures, such as Boann, who gave her name to the river and valley of the Boyne in Ireland.
Angus searches for the dream maiden with his mother Boann and his father Dagda, but her existence never materializes; it is only when he employs the services of the king, Bov the red, king of the Danaans in Munster, that he is able to find the fleeting image of the maiden at the lake of the Dragon's mouth; there he is confronted with 150 maidens all chained with gold into pairs.
Consider the Boyne, known since 1690 as the site of a decisive battle between William of Orange and James II, but earlier explanations link the river to the goddess Boann said to inhabit and preside over the waterway (Green 151), which is the convergence of the Bo and Find rivers.
"I was exhibiting in Japan a few years ago and the Irish ambassador offered to buy my painting Boann, the cow goddess, for pounds 10,000," he said.