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But Boan and other contemporary Cuban choreographers of note are only mentioned; their work is not explored.
Figure 1: HRCT Temporal boan scan Axial section showing fluid collection in left mastoid and middle ear cavity with no evidence of bony destruction or remodeling suggestive of acute mastoiditis on Left side.
In addition to Pedro Moscoso and his children, the continuing cast is comprised of the traditionalist Ramon Limioso, the chaplain Julian Alvarez, the witch Maria la Sabia, the priests of Loiro and Boan, the affable Don Eugenio, the anticlerical physician Maximo Juncal, and the rival caciques Barbacana and Trampeta.
Currently on view at the Carnegie Museum of Art's Heinz Galleries are the ceramic works of Pittsburgh native Edward Eberle and new Pittsburgh resident Brandon Boan.
Scholars such as Kimberly Boan and Ysanne Carlisle have described the need for firms to operate 'on the edge of chaos' to deliver innovation.
Karin Boan has been promoted to loan operations supervisor at First Colebrook Bank.
Luego Lanonima Imperial de Espana, el Ballet de la Ciudad de Mexico, Marianela Boan y Alicia Sanchez.
She was mother of the late Heidi Cowling and sister of the late Beverly Boan.
Offering a unique viewpoint of something that seems to be fading away, a fact that depresses Boan, "At the Masthead" is well worth the read to embrace this little piece of Americana that is so often overlooked.
Selina Boan, a Cree student attending Frances Kelsey Secondary School in Mill Bay, also receives a local award.
253), Informaciones de hidalguia (Cajas 51 y 52), Padrones municipales de 1778, 1780 y 1791 (Cajas 4/5, 4/6, 4//7 y 4/8), Documentacion sobre "Hidalgos, milicianos y demas exentos de la provincia" (Caja 144), asi como varias cajas de los ricos fondos de familias y personas ("Casas particulares"), depositados en este archivo, como los del Pazo Ramirans, Boan, Alvarez Ojea, condes de Troncoso, don Juan Alonso de Lemos, etc.
Garcia Velloso MJ, Boan Garcia JF, Villar Luque LM, Aramendia Beitia JM, Lopez Garcia G, Richter Echeverria JA.
Western Australia: Peter Boan (Royal Perth Hospital); John Dyer (Fremantle Hospital); Christopher Heath (Royal Perth Hospital); Dianne Gardam (Royal Perth Hospital); Duncan McLennan (Fremantle Hospital); Ronan Murray (Royal Perth Hospital); Todd Pryce (Royal Perth Hospital).
Callum Boan has been treated with Botox to allow him lead a normal life The St Helens boy has cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, which affects the muscles in his legs leaving him capable of only crawling.