Adansonia gregorii

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Australian tree having an agreeably acid fruit that resembles a gourd

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Luhrmann's parting gift to the town was a real boab tree, planted in the Celebrity Tree Park where around 150 notables are immortalised in bark and plaque on the banks of Lake Kununurra.
Sensitive stomachs might care to turn away at this point as, having a slap-up excremental nosh, an embittered Boab proceeds to wreak revenge on those he reckons have done him wrong.
The pair previewed two numbers from the musical - a Scots melody and jings crivvens-infused ode to Wullie's lost bucket, called Help Ma Boab and a very musical theatre number called How Do I Fit This Story, to be sung by Wullie's mystery pal.
The two-kilogramme treasure, which depicts a sailing ship, a gold prospector and boab trees found in Western Australia, is considered legal tender and will be sold to the highest bidder.
The Aussies call this tree a 'boab', suggesting the possible dictionary definition:
So here's the big STV lineup for this afternoon - and it's not exactly Braveheart followed by The Andy Stewart Show: 13.00-15.00 Inspector Morse (set in Oxford, star now deceased) 15.00-16.00 Crocodile Hunter Diaries (set in Australia, star now deceased) 16.00-17.30 Holiday On The Buses (set in London, stars now deceased, jokes in movie were stillborn) Jings, crivens and help ma boab!
Boab Williamson, of Ruthless Artists, said: "We were delighted to secure this deal as they are personal favourites of many of The Bungalow regulars and fit in to The Bungalow's legendary punk history."
Young Boab became a regular fixture in the pages of the Stirling Observer earlier this summer - making it to the final of our fiercely contested Pet Idol competition.
"And, of course, I'm hoping Shellsuit Boab will be able to put up with sharing a dressing room with me for another year!
The tapes that AIATSIS has acquired are recordings of Jack Wherra, an artist notable for his carvings of boab nuts.
All or Nothing duo Boab Williamson and Tommy Clark are back playing some vinyl tonight at The Bungalow.
Big Boab, Linwood SINCE Thatcher came to power in 1979 there are have cuts, cuts and more cuts.
Straddling the upturned bucket in black dungarees, she bears a striking resemblance to the spiky-haired cartoon character whose catchphrases include "crivvens" and "help ma boab".
The East Kilbride lads are bringing their show to The Bungalow because Boab Williamson of The Bungalow heard them at their sold-out East Kilbride Arts Centre gig, and after seeing a great set he was keen to get them on board.