Adansonia gregorii

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Australian tree having an agreeably acid fruit that resembles a gourd

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Luhrmann's parting gift to the town was a real boab tree, planted in the Celebrity Tree Park where around 150 notables are immortalised in bark and plaque on the banks of Lake Kununurra.
Jack Wherra: Quiet storyteller and carver of boab nuts
The two circles with dot patterning represent two boab trees located near the billabong named 'globob'.
44 BFI BOAB 2 9 silcrete whole 37 BFI BOAB 6 16 silcrete whole 30.
I know that me and Shellsuit Boab, left, had a guid laugh about it the next day at panto rehearsals for our upcoming run at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow.
As Schemey's chips were wiped off people's clothing, the Codfather's legendary pal Boab, or The Quiet Assassin as he should be dubbed, was without noise or fuss just filling his pockets, socks and inner-lining of his breeks with dosh.
BIG BOAB O'HARA RIVER City favourite Tom Urie, right, is to return for a one-off appearance on Montego Street this month.
The clan celebrates as Shellsuit Boab - Stephen Purdon - gets engaged to girlfriend Michelle (Laura O'Donnell).
Boab and Karen oab and Karen Dingwall ingwall parted with their precious reptile collection when they were expecting their first child.
I have stories about meeting and working with Shellsuit Boab, he has tales from working with Michael Jackson.
I've got guys like Somerset Boab selling CDs to bring in cash.
Although Oor Wullie spends much of his time with his chums Wee Eck and Fat Boab trying to avoid local policeman PC Murdoch, he well deserves the accolade.
I'm delighted to be back with my Shieldinch family and find out what Big Boab has been up to.
Geggan's bizarre celebration was aimed at Ayr singing fan Somerset Boab who has become an online sensation with his lyrics about the Honest Men.